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If the President and Vice-President want to invade Iran, give them both a rifle and ammunition and wave them goodbye. Make sure nobody else has to suffer for their decisions.

Ruth Conway

Perth, Australia

Mar 10 2007 - 4:56am

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There is nothing of commercial value to the US in the Middle East except oil. Sand we have plenty of. People think we get most of our petroleum from that area when in fact most is imported from the Western Hemisphere.

However, the current Administration is wedded to the acquisition of Iraq's immense petroleum reserves. If their wells were suddenly to go dry overnight and their oil sands mysteriously disappear, how many hours do you think would pass before US forces would be streaming for the border?

As to Iran, bombing a country is certainly no way to endear the citizens to your cause as we have regretfully seen in Iraq.

Tunnel vision in our military adventures has put enormous strain on our armed forces, our treasury and isolated us from the global community. Our choices are not open ended forever.

William D. Cox

Marina, CA

Feb 17 2007 - 8:06pm

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Mr. Englehardt -

The comparison between Bush/Cheney and Thelma and Louise is amusing, but cannot be taken too far. After all, T. and L. drove over the cliff after being cornered because of actions (shooting a would-be rapist) that could be construed as morally justified. Bush/Cheney et. al. ARE the rapists.

To try to ridicule Bush and Cheney by comparing them to women characters who sought to express their emancipation from the male gender, seems convoluted. Otherwise, the article was good, and I too have printed it out.

Steven Oberg

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Feb 17 2007 - 2:34pm

Web Letter

Excellent article. I circulated it. I believe it is crucial that as many folks as possible understand and prepare for the actions of those vile, war-loving, mass-murdering, torturing destroyers of our beloved Constitution, the Current Occupants of the White House.

They already have so much blood on thier hands a few million more destroyed lives are mere commas to them. They think the oil under the sands belongs to US.

Thomas Shefchik

San Jose, CA

Feb 15 2007 - 5:23pm

Web Letter

Mr Englehardt,

Your article is infantile. You write: "a massive air assault on Iran...would be immensely destructive to Iran (and yet almost surely a rallying point for its fundamentalist regime).” First of all, who is calling for a "massive air assault"? No one. Secondly, if we did conduct a "massive air assault" wouldn't the GOAL be to be "immensely destructive"? Come on, think like a big boy. If it was not "immensely destructive, why do it at all? That is what militaries do (in the real world). Additionally you write: An attack on Iran would be "bloody in its repercussions for US soldiers in Iraq" Why is that? For weeks the American left has been saying that the Administration has no proof that Iran is aiding terrorists in Iraq--now I am to believe that an attack on Iran will result in reprisals in Iraq? Come now. And exactly what are the terrorists going to do that they aren't already doing? You are fear-mongering, which I realize is an art-form at The Nation. Furthermore, you state that an attack on Iran will lead to an "imperiling to US allies in the region.” Really? I thought the left's position was that we have no allies in the region? Having it both ways I see. Israel is of course a great ally (oh, those evil neocons, keeping Israel as an ally)--but since they are more likely to attack Iran unilaterally than we are, I'd say you concern for Israel (if you have any) is misguided. If you are referring to our lukewarm allies (the Arab states), you might like to know that they are equally uneasy about their Persian neighbors acquiring nukes, and would bluster in public but celebrate in private if we were to eliminate the Iranian nuke program. Lastly, you write about a "potential energy catastrophe. A series of explosive events could unravel the oil heartlands of the planet." What is it with you leftists? Why is it always about oil? Your access to cheap oil is your #1 concern when it comes to foreign policy? One day you are chanting "no blood for oil" and the next you are chanting "we'll allow Iran to have nukes just give us the cheap oil--future generations be damned!" You must admit, your new chant is not nearly as catchy.

C.J. Cheetham

Valdosta, GA

Feb 15 2007 - 10:12am

Web Letter

Good analysis of what could happen if we use air power to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

Now, I urge you to ponder deeply and analyse what would happen if Iran drops a nuclear bomb in Tel Aviv and/or Bagdad's Green Zone. Be honest and follow the many repercussions.

I look forward to your thought-provoking article!

Paul Edmondson

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Feb 15 2007 - 9:29am