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I think that all these things that you say are true but are really side issues. The real reason for the escalation/establishment/continuation of wars like these is the military-industrial complex. The USA is addicted to wars--wars that are ever-widening and never-ending. Our economy has become more and more dependent on war. Hence the growing defense budget. War is good for business. We have gone so far in this direction that it is doubtful that we can reverse ourselves. It is sad that we are hurtling off a cliff at one hundred miles an hour. We cannot afford these wars. Perhaps they will stop when the USA is completely bankrupt and can no longer afford to pay for them and the system comes to a crunching halt.

Bruce Scharf

Murrieta, CA

Sep 2 2009 - 10:37pm

Web Letter

The war in Afghanistan is as much about fighting Al Qaeda as the war in Iraq is about WMD's and democracy. It's all about oil. In Iraq it's all about the oil fields. In Afghanistan it's all about the oil pipeline that is to be built in that country.

The US and its coalition of the willing are taking over these countries for their "black gold." Quit aiding and abetting the imperialistic agenda of the White House; all previous administrations included. Our young men and women are dying over there in those sandpits for oil, nothing else.

America has illegally invaded two sovereign countries, and we call ourselves the good guys. As if that isn't enough, the drums of war are beating for an invasion of Iran.

The only ideology at work here is American global hegemony, starting with the Middle East. Take a look at the Project for a New American Century: the brainchild of another great American, William Kristol. You'll see where America is going.

Charles Lingenfelser

Brandon, MS

Sep 2 2009 - 1:54pm