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Mr. Scheer's oblivious media are turned inward, reporting on the Democratic dismemberment. What great sportswriters some of these people would have made.

His admirable analysis of the consequences of our Pyrrhic victory in Iraq would have upset me, were I not so eager to see the bad ideas and worse people who have so damaged the world and our place in it discredited at home and crushed by history.

Yes, Mr. Scheer, Iran wins: Hamas is entrenched, Hezbollah empowered in Lebanon, Iraq is an Iranian hareem, Venezuela is massing troops on the Colombian border, Russia has re-emerged as a major European power and China, a world power.

And bueno, why not?

Well, you may say, we'll get meaner, more aggressive, maybe turn to more overtly xenophobic, intolerant, oppressive authoritarianism; blaming the messengers, absolving the perpetrators.

I'd be sorry to see that. It would be better for us if our sportswriters manqué were more serious people, and their bosses less supportive of our possible authoritarian future.

Thank you, Mr. Scheer. I wish you had returned to the media problem and held their feet more firmly to the fire.

Barry Blitstein

New York City, NY

Mar 5 2008 - 11:44pm

Web Letter

Of course what Scheer fails to mention is the other side of coin: that the Iranian president's visit proves:

1. That the current Iraqi government is a legitimate one, and not under the thumb of the US or anyone else, and is more than capable of conducting it's own affairs with it's neighbors.

2. That the Iranians recognize the above, signaling that other regional governments will do the same in due course, especially as Sunni-dominated Arab states like Saudi Arabia vie with the Iranians for influence in Iraq, by means other than sending guns, money and martyrs.

This developments need not be bad omens for Iraq's future, or Dubya's legacy, but it is surely too soon to reach any conclusions, much less the gloomy ones Scheer so wishfully thinks up in this article.

Dave Barlett

Miami, FL

Mar 5 2008 - 11:32pm

Web Letter

This "thrilling" election coverage helps block any news from overseas that would rock the political preconceptions of both parties. On CNN, Your World Today, which might actually inform the public, has been replaced by Ballot Bowl, which is designed to reinforce ignorance.

The origins of our "wonderful" relationship with the current Shia lead government goes back to Richard Perle's "clean break" paper, which also advocated democratizing the Middle East. The result is that Hamas took over the PA, and the Israelis are having second thoughts about Democratization. The old dictators are looking better to them. Stability might sometimes not be a bad thing after all.The Iranian lovefest really exposes the stupidity of the Bush Administration's invasion of Iraq and those in both parties, who want to keep our troops in Iraq to "save" it.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Mar 5 2008 - 3:12pm

Web Letter

Robert Scheer's article was simple Bush-bashing (Scheer's best known talent) and proves that he is as "out to lunch" as the media he criticizes for not giving enough coverage to the kissing and hand-holding that went on in Iraq last weekend.

We do not need to glamorize the Ahmadinejad/Talabani meeting; and we certainly do not need to analyze the sense (or nonsense) of our invasion of Baghdad. Focusing our energies on what we did wrong under the presidency of George W. Bush is a total waste of time--that is all in the past, and he will soon be there with it; G.W. Bush is not running for President.

What we should do, in relation to the Ahmadinejad/Talabani "lovefest" is understand why it took place. To me, it is clear! Both of these men smell the stink in the air! "The bitter stink of America's defeat! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, can smell it in what he hopes is a victory for one of America's Liberal candidates. Either one would be fine by him--Obama and Clinton are both poised to rapidly abandon Iraq and he, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is poised to move right in. Apparently President Talabani can smell it too! The stink that emanates from America's abandonment to terrorist tribes who will rapidly unseat any government that is not aligned with Iran and Syria and who will quickly undo the years of effort the United States invested in their freedom from terrorism and freedom from Islamic law.

Ready to make the best of a bad situation, Talabani will happily allow Ahmadinejad to "pull his strings," make him dance to the Iranian National Anthem (soon to also be Iraq's National Anthem) and set a place at his table for the Mullahs, the real leaders of Iran, who are waiting in the wings."

That is why these two leaders met in Baghdad last weekend for one it is a power grab for the other it is mere survival because of what he sees happening in the United States--a strong shift to the left an an apparent victory for the abandonment of Iraq.

(Parts of the above were excerpted from the latest post in my blog: "My View From the Center." I blog under the name of "Whymrhymer.")

Harvey Grund

Carrollton, TX

Mar 5 2008 - 1:24pm

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