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Trump Is Discarding Laws and Assembling a War Cabinet. What Could Go Wrong?

Congress needs to immediately check an out-of-control president.

Robert L. Borosage


Behind Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Selection

Our charge as the jury was pretty much the same as my job as a critic: to listen carefully, with open ears and an equally open mind.

David Hajdu

Mental-Health Care on College Campuses Is Broken—This Group Aims to Change That

With chapters in eight universities across the country, Project LETS makes mental-health care more accessible for students in need.

Gabriela Thorne

80 Days that Changed America

Fifty years later, Bobby Kennedy’s passionate, inspiring and tragic presidential campaign still fascinates. Two new projects explain why.

Joan Walsh
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Teachers Are Following Their Students out of the Classroom

Young people are leading the way for change, and we should all be listening.

Belle Chesler

Trump Is Putting Anti-Choice Extremists Back in Power

He’s filling his administration, agencies, and the courts with activists who peddle junk science and lies about both contraception and abortion.

Dawn Huckelbridge

American Hubris, or, How Globalization Brought Us Donald Trump

It was “free trade” mania, pushed by both major political parties, that destroyed working-class prosperity and laid the groundwork for his triumph.

William Greider


How Martin Luther Paved the Way for Donald Trump

To understand why evangelicals support the president, look to the first Protestant.
Michael Massing
The support of white evangelicals for Donald Trump continues to exasperate and perplex. About 80 percent of them voted for him in 2016—the most recorded for a Republican candidate since 2000—and his approval rating among them remains high. In June, some 1,000 evangelical pastors plan to meet the president, both… Continue Reading >


Cubans Face the End of the Castro Era

As Raúl steps aside, the country faces transition and transformation.

Peter Kornbluh

Lula May Be in Jail, but Brazil’s Occupy Movement Won’t Let Hope Die

The Curitiba camp has become ground zero for a left that has been fighting an uphill battle since before the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.

Michael Fox

‘The Forced Displacement of Palestinians Never Truly Ended’

As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary, a child and grandchild of exiled Palestinian reflects on the Nakba.

George Bisharat


Young Fathers Find a New Sound

The band’s sense of what would pass for fitting into the pop-music mainstream is draped in their own idiosyncrasies.

Briana Younger

From Progress to Poverty: America’s Long Gilded Age

The America that emerged out of the Civil War was meant to be a radically more equal place. What went wrong?

Steven Hahn

Joan Jonas’s Fragments

More than anything else, time itself is the material Jonas works with, manipulating it as a sculptor might mold clay.

Barry Schwabsky

Focus on syria

 Life Under Bombardment in Syria’s Douma

“I feel I am living in a grave, forgotten.”

Marwa Awad

American Air Strikes in Syria Do Nothing to Further Justice for the Victims of the Attack on Douma

There is no legal justification for the current US troop presence in Syria, let alone additional air strikes.

Phyllis Bennis

Trump Just Launched Another Illegal Attack Against Syria

Administration hard-liners are putting US national-security interests in grave jeopardy.

James Carden

Watch and Listen

Listen: Can a Feminist Revolution Save Women’s Soccer in South America?

Brenda Elsey explains how women are saving their soccer federations from near-oblivion.

April 17, 2018

View: Photos: Who Actually Benefits From Meals on Wheels?

And why did the Trump administration think it was a good idea to cut funding for these vital programs?

March 30, 2018

View: ‘A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’

Aura Hernández fled to the US seeking safety. Instead, she was sexually abused by a border patrol agent.

April 2, 2018


Take Action

For Tax Day, Fight to Repeal Trump's Giveaway to the Wealthy

You can also demand Congress vote on Trump’s illegal air strikes on Syria and find out how to support undocumented students.

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