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Democrats Will Be Lost Without the Senate

A Biden win in November 2020 will be insufficient unless Democrats take the Senate and displace majority leader Mitch McConnell.

John Nichols


Why Do All These Racists Keep Working for Tucker Carlson?

Fox News wants to portray a recently fired writer as a bad apple, but he was part of an influential white nationalist social network within the American right.

Jeet Heer

Witnessing the Pandemic From the Front Lines at New York City's Oldest Public Hospital

Even as we work to treat the sick and prevent Covid’s further spread, we must also remember the dead.

Colleen M. Farrell

The Many Lives of Catherine the Great

A new Hulu show presents the life of the Russian empress as a narrative of lean-in empowerment. But was it?

Sophie Pinkham
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Why Won’t Democrats Just Come Out for Legalizing Marijuana?

It’s popular. It’s the right thing to do. But as with so many key issues, Biden keeps pressuring the party to pull its punches.

John Nichols

The Left Needs to Reclaim Free Speech

Just because some who complain about censorship are hypocrites, privileged elitists, or defensive bigots, that doesn’t mean we should abandon the ideal of robust debate.

Jeet Heer

Joe Kennedy III Hired a Cop to Advise Him on Race and Justice

As Black Lives Matter protests spread across the country, Kennedy appointed a sheriff to counsel him on criminal justice reform.

Maia Hibbett


Covid-19 Has Put Algeria’s Peaceful Revolution on Hold

The past year’s protests have been on a scale not seen in over three decades. But now, the streets are empty.

Abdo Shanan, The Nation and Magnum Foundation

A Summer of Reckoning—for American Racism and Israeli Aggression

As this country begins, at last, to examine its ugly past and brutal present, can we also apply this fierce introspection to US policy toward Israel?

Yousef Munayyer

Why the US-China Rivalry Is Thwarting Transnational Solidarity

The Black Lives Matter and Hong Kong democracy movement can learn a lot from each other.

Jessie Lau


Why Has Society Failed to Integrate Grief Into Public Life?

We talked to Rachel Kauder Nalebuff about the politics of care, mourning, and her new book, Stages: On Dying, Working, and Feeling.

Sam Huber

Jenny Zhang’s Goo Aesthetics

Her poems, fiction, and essays are visceral and tactile explorations of the body and immigrant identity.

Ana Cecilia Alvarez

Not Catharsis but Vengeance: The Startling Fiction of Fernanda Melchor

Her novel Hurricane Season burrows into the circumstances of a small-town murder and what it says about a society that disregards femicide.

Lucas Iberico Lozada

Watch and Listen

Listen: NFL Pro Bowler Michael Bennett on the Power of Protest 

Author and NFL Pro Bowler Michael Bennett joins the show to discuss the Movement for Black Lives 

July 7, 2020

View: Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty Are Interconnected

I’m a guest in the Black Lives Matter movement, and making images is how I show my support.

June 29, 2020

View: Making George Floyd’s Life Matter

As the people of Minneapolis grieve the loss of one of their own, they’re also fighting for a future free of police brutality.

June 8, 2020

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