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The Trump Administration’s Biggest Climate Lies

An aggressive disinformation campaign is borrowing from Big Tobacco’s playbook. Here’s what they’re feeding lawmakers.

Naomi Oreskes

Energy Policy

We Need a Green Bailout for the People

Here’s what the government should demand when the economy tumbles and Wall Street comes begging.

Kate Aronoff
Gender and Sexuality

‘The Inheritance’ Takes E.M. Forster Out of the Closet

Bringing Howards End into today’s gay Manhattan, playwright Matthew Lopez shows that “Only Connect” is still a radical message.

Darryl Pinckney
Foreign Policy

From the Hope of 1989 to a New Cold War

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall’s collapse, alternatives do exist to the deep divisions in Europe.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
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The Trump Administration Is Undercutting Democracy in Bolivia

Will the US and the Organization of American States once again be able to overturn election results?

Mark Weisbrot

Trump Knows the Power of the Supreme Court—Why Don’t Democrats?

The Supreme Court could be a galvanizing issue for Democrats, but the presidential contenders have largely ignored it.

Elie Mystal

Nikki Haley Has Decided That Trumpism Is the Future

From Trump skeptic to Trump cheerleader, the former UN ambassador has followed the trajectory of the GOP.

Jeet Heer

the next recession

Make Antitrust Democratic Again!

The response to the next recession should put economic power back in the hands of the people.

Sanjukta Paul and Sandeep Vaheesan

Recessions Are Racist (but They Don’t Have to Be)

How to stop the next economic slowdown from decimating black wealth a second time over.

Aaron Ross Coleman

How to Not Waste the Next Crisis

A downturn will (eventually) come—and with it, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the US economy.

Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

From the Magazine


The Walls of Chile Speak of a Suppressed Rage

“It’s not about the 30 pesos. It’s about 30 years.”

Terri Gordon-Zolov and Eric Zolov

The Chinese Government Cannot Be Allowed to Undermine Academic Freedom

Universities are not taking seriously Beijing’s efforts to stifle free speech on campus.

Sophie Richardson

Turkey’s Other Weapon Against the Kurds: Water

In times of conflict, war, and climate change, hydropower is state power.

Alexandra Marvar


Immigration Policy

Charging for Asylum? It’s Unpopular for a Reason

Between new fees for asylum seekers and withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the United States is trying to stand out in all the wrong ways.

Sasha Abramsky

Against Joe Biden

Election 2020

Joe Biden: An Anti-Endorsement

His long record of poor judgment and cozying up to bankers makes him the wrong candidate to take on Donald Trump.

The Nation


Who Gets to Be Color-Blind?

Thomas Chatterton Williams argues in his new book that race is something individuals can unlearn. But no matter how socially constructed racial identity may be, our lived experience of it is anything but fictitious.

Ismail Muhammad

David Maraniss’s Tale of Hope and Misfortune in Postwar America

In A Good American Family, the journalist and editor examines his father and mother’s youthful idealism and the bitter years of McCarthyism that followed.

Andrew J. Bacevich

Did the New Deal Need FDR?

His political evolution points to a different locus of power than the one liberals tend to invoke when discussing the era’s history.

Kim Phillips-Fein

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Hidden History of the 1936 US Olympic Basketball Team 

Author Andrew Maraniss joins the show to talk about his new book, Games of Deception.

Today 10:00 am

Listen: The 2020 Election Is One Year Away

John Nichols on the Polls, plus Paul Adler on Socialism and John Powers on John le Carré.

November 7, 2019

View: More Than a Wall: Photos of 30 Years of Life Along the US-Mexico Border

Successive US administrations have sought to turn the borderlands into a land of death—but these photos prove it is very much a land of the living.

September 12, 2019


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