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Why Half a Million Puerto Ricans Are Protesting in the Streets

Battered by scandal and exhausted by austerity, they seek to determine their own political future.

Ed Morales


Every Pundit Urging Moderation Was Wrong in 2016, and They’re Wrong Now

The difference is that this time, progressives will not negotiate with hostage-takers.

Elie Mystal

July 20, 1969: Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Human Being to Walk on the Moon

“Much has been quite rightly said about the irony of spending billions getting to the moon while the mass of humanity at home lives in a stew of exploding population, poverty and pollution.”

Richard Kreitner
Cultural Criticism and Analysis

Philip Roth’s Great American Estate Sale

The bidding is sparse, but the late author’s modest effects are revealing.

Elizabeth Pochoda
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the moon landing at 50

The Moon Will Wait

In early 1969, Nation editors were skeptical about the space race, and NASA’s “juvenile, brutal approach” in rushing to get a man on the moon.

The Nation

Space Is Not Black

Days before the Apollo 11 launch in 1969, The Nation lamented a government that spent freely on white astronauts, engineers, and contractors, but could not find jobs at home for its black population.

Jack Robertson

Is Spaceflight Colonialism?

Fifty years after Apollo 11, it’s time to revisit the laws of space. 

Haris Durrani


Every Pundit Urging Moderation Was Wrong in 2016, and They’re Wrong Now

The difference is that this time, progressives will not negotiate with hostage-takers.

Elie Mystal

Reading Buttigieg Told Me Everything I Need to Know About the 2020 Presidential Race

Mayor Pete’s autobiography says it all.

Dan Simon

Pelosi Proves Triangulation Is Really Self-Strangulation

It’s folly to seek a middle ground while fighting Trump.

Jeet Heer


Colson Whitehead Opens Up

In a wide-ranging conversation with The Nation, the author talks about political writing, zombies and horror stories, American history, and his new novel The Nickel Boys.

Nawal Arjini

Is ‘Veep’ Still Funny?

The show’s vicious political satire defined a decade of comedy, but its last season lacked the same punch.

Erin Schwartz

With Its Nuanced Portrayal of Asian American Life, ‘The Farewell’ Shines

Lulu Wang and Awkwafina’s new film shows that complex and diverse Asian American films can succeed in the mainstream.

Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

From the Magazine


How Dockworkers Are Fighting the Arms Trade

Across Europe, a series of coordinated actions at shipping ports have challenged Saudi violence against the Yemeni people.

Katy Fox-Hodess

The Migrant Crisis, Through the Eyes of Human Traffickers

Emiliano Monge’s novel Among the Lost leads a reader through the hellish migrant trail from the perspective of its most amoral agents.

John Washington

Is Tokyo Ready for the Olympic Juggernaut?

Tokyo says that it’s ready to host the 2020 Olympics. The early numbers—and quality of Olympic leadership—are not encouraging. 

Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff

Watch and Listen

Listen: Pramila Jayapal Is Not Backing Down

This week on Next Left, the congressmember who knows a thing or two about shutting down racist policies.

July 16, 2019

Listen: The Women’s World Cup Legacy

Coach Kevin McNutt joins me as we talk Women’s world cup and debate our Mt. Rushmore lists.

July 16, 2019

View: PHOTOS: ‘I Haven’t Met Anybody in the Area Who Actually Wants to Take the Walls Down’

Belfast’s so-called “peace lines” were supposed to come down over a decade ago. Why are they still there?

June 5, 2019

opp-art: Dispatches from the resistance

To the Moon…

The best argument we can think of for reviving the space program.

Peter Kuper

Omar Explainer

What she is guilty of.

Steve Brodner

Make America Freight Again

All aboard for greatness.

Lance Hansen

take action

Take Action Now: Stop ICE Raids

Help stop deportations in your community by calling reps and joining the sanctuary movement.

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