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  • December 19, 2003

    Prison Reform Talking Points

    The US prison system is exacting an increasingly heavy toll, both financial and human.

    Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

  • December 18, 2003

    Skeletons in the Closet

    Editor’s Note: Due to an unfortunate glitch in production, two lines are missing from the printed version of Daniel Lazare’s essay. They have been restored in this version.

    Daniel Lazare

  • December 18, 2003

    How to Kill Saddam

    The last time I saw pictures of a man in need of a haircut being displayed as a trophy of the American Empire it was Che Guevara, stretched out dead on a table in Vallegrande, a village in the Bo

    Alexander Cockburn

  • December 18, 2003

    Trouble in Prozac Nation

    Correction: Editorial tightening created the impression that two drug studies, by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, were one study by Pfizer. We regret the error.

    Richard DeGrandpre

  • December 18, 2003

    Blue States, Latino Voters

    For almost forty years now, the white South has been moving steadily into the Republican ranks.

    Steve Cobble and Joe Velasquez


  • December 18, 2003

    The New Money Game

    Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA), better known as the McCain-Feingold law, by a 5-to-4 majority, is the need for campaign finance reform over?

    The Editors

  • December 11, 2003

    Weapons of the Weak

    African-American history, broadly defined, continues to be the most innovative and exciting field in American historical studies.

    George M. Fredrickson

  • December 11, 2003

    Fields of Poison

    While farmworkers are sickened by pesticides, industry writes the rules.

    Rebecca Clarren

  • December 11, 2003

    Losing Friends in Indonesia

    Even moderates who have denounced terrorism fear being seen as US puppets.

    Suzanne Charlé

  • December 11, 2003

    Women Under Siege

    Fears grow, hopes dim, in occupied Iraq.

    Lauren Sandler