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September 11, 2006 Issue

Cover art by: Cover by Avenging Angels; cover art by James Montgomery Flagg

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  • Editorial

    Bush’s Plebiscitary Presidency

    Thanks to an acquiescent Congress, we are now being governed by an Administration that is radically trying to change the nature of our democracy.

    Barney Frank

  • Dorothy Healey

    An appreciation of one of the last members of the left’s "greatest generation," known for her physical courage, warmth and intelligence, who spent a lifetime arguing eloquently for socialism, feminism and peace.

    Mike Davis

  • The Food Issue

    Since we’re a weekly magazine, “slow” is not a quality we often find ourselves working to achieve.

    The Editors

  • Cedar Devolution

    The UN cease-fire in Lebanon demands the impossible: a Lebanese state capable of both disarming Hezbollah and protecting the south from renewed Israeli attacks.

    Joseph Logan

  • Fallout in Israel

    Israel’s war with Hezbollah may have strengthened the hand of the Israeli right, which has forgotten that peace comes only by negotiating with those you do not trust.

    Eyal Press

  • Debating Security

    The alleged British terror plot contrasts with the fruits of Bush’s “war on terror”: civil war in Iraq, an empowered Iran and Arab hatred. Let us instead seek security through diplomacy.

    The Editors

  • Books & the Arts

    Eat Drink Man Woman

    Three new books by Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain and Bill Buford chart the evolution of American cooking, from haute cuisine to the hot kitchen of Mario Batali.

    Matthew DeBord

  • A Sort of Homecoming

    “The spell of Africa is upon me,” wrote W.E.B. Du Bois in Liberia. Three new books document the enchantment and disenchantment of the continent for its descendants.

    Hazel Rowley

  • Virtual Catastrophe

    World Trade Center‘s hero is a tough ex-Marine who later re-enlists to fight in Iraq. But his (and Oliver Stone’s) redemption narrative is soured by bad faith.

    Stuart Klawans
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  • Letters

    Four-Star Food Favorites

    No sooner had we pressed “send” on an e-mail inviting readers to tell us about their most beloved food institutions than enthusiastic submissions began to pour in from all over the country.

    Our Readers

  • Food for Thought

    Letters from around the country describe your favorite food institutions.

    Our Readers