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John Ross

John Ross’s Zapatistas! Making Another World Possible:
Chronicles of Resistance 2000-2004
will be published by Nation Books in October. His 2005 book, Murdered by Capitalism: A Memoir of 150 Years of Life and Death on the American Left was a San Francisco Chronicle Book of the Year and won the Upton Sinclair award.

  • Regions and CountriesSeptember 7, 2006

    In Mexico, a Class War Looms

    The confirmation of Felipe Calderón’s electoral victory signals the end of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s three-year struggle for the presidency and the beginning of a new phase of organized resistance.

    John Ross

  • Regions and CountriesAugust 25, 2006

    Angrily Awaiting a Messiah

    In Mexico City and beyond, tensions are rising between government security forces and thousands of impoverished supporters of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a restive constituency to which political parties and process are increasingly irrelevant.

    John Ross

  • Regions and CountriesAugust 8, 2006

    The Smoking Volcano

    As election officials in Mexico recount only a handful of contested voting districts in the flawed presidential elections, Andrés Manuel López Obrador walks a tightrope between defiance and keeping a lid on his steamed-up constituents.

    John Ross

  • Regions and CountriesJuly 10, 2006

    Mexico’s Fractured Electoral Landscape

    The disputed presidential election has fractured Mexico’s political landscape, pitting leftists against conservatives and the affluent against an indignant Indian and mestizo underclass.

    John Ross

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  • Regions and CountriesJuly 5, 2006

    Disputed Election Raises Tensions in Mexico

    Memories of a stolen 1988 election cloud the political landscape, as voters await results of the disputed presidential election.

    John Ross