Peter Singer

Peter Singer is professor of bioethics at Princeton University. His
most recent book, co-authored with Jim Mason, is The Way We Eat: Why
Our Food Choices Matter

One Thing to Do About Food: A Forum One Thing to Do About Food: A Forum

How do we fix our dysfunctional relationship with food? Alice Waters leads a forum with Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Peter Singer and others, who suggest, for starters, that we...

Aug 24, 2006 / Feature / Jim Hightower, Eric Schlosser, Peter Singer, Eliot Coleman, Vandana Shiva, Carlo Petrini, Winona LaDuke, Elizabeth Ransom, Troy Duster, Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, and Marion Nestle

Letters Letters

MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF... Princeton, NJ In an accurate review of Jonathan Marks's loosely argued What It Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee, Micaela di Leonardo ...

Aug 29, 2002 / Letters / Micaela di Leonardo, Peter Sacks, Peter Singer, and Rebecca Zwick