Cover of March 2-9, 2015 Issue


Snapshot: Fighting Eviction in Hebron

A woman from a Palestinian community dries yogurt near the West Bank city of Hebron. Israel declared the area, which is home to 1,300 Palestinians, a firing zone for military training in the 1980s. The Israeli military issued an eviction order in 1999, though the villagers are still fighting in the Israeli courts to stay on their land. Read More




Books & the Arts

Forget Where I Heard It

With pigeon force the air men come clattering. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny, one swore. Stay out of the nettles. Do not live above the shop. His men may find you there. Otherwise, as coma says, my beans, my peas, my coma get read into the riot act. That comes later. After three decades of futility, you have to ask: Who was this composer? Was he known for anything else? Is the mere survival of the notes justified, or do we all survive this way, more or less? Read More

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