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March 2, 2009 Issue

David Cole on Obama’s state secrets, Calvin Trillin on Tom Daschle, Negar Azimi on Iran…

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Tell The Nation

In big ways and small, the recession is having an impact on our daily lives. Help The Nation track the changes.

The Peterson Foundation Responds

David M. Walker, president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, responds to William Greider's essay, Looting Wall Street, published in the March 2 edition of The Nation<...


Max Fraser on New York Wage Watch, Denise DiStephan on the Paycheck Fairness Act, John Nichols on Hilda Solis, Deborah Meier on teachers organizing

Bankrupt Bailout

Don't exhaust the Treasury to keep insolvent financial giants alive. The government should liquidate failed banks, sell off their assets and let shareholders eat the dust.


Good Money After Bad

Obama's stimulus bill is far too modest to arrest an economy in free fall. But if it were up to the GOP, which largely created the mess, we'd be doing nothing at all.

Eight Is Enough

With the birth of Nadya Suleman's octuplets, we confront the virtues of motherhood, the ethics of fertility clinics and the myths we still concoct about childless women's worth.



Can Green Jobs Be Good Jobs?

It felt like a dream a year ago, but a growing coalition of labor unions and environmentalists is putting real muscle into the idea that green jobs will help resolve the economic c...

A World Without Water

Dr. Peter Gleick, founder and president of the Pacific Institute, weighs in on the severity and urgency of the global water crisis.

Blue Dogs Bark

Why do the Blue Dog Democrats get so much attention? They're more unified and cohesive than any other House faction. And then there's America's love affair with fiscal conservatism...

Looting Social Security

Behind closed doors, advocates of entitlement reform are pushing Obama to tap the Social Security surplus to pay for bank bailouts. It could be a defining test for new politics ...

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