Climate Justice

It’s Time for Rich Countries to Pay Up—Before the Next Climate Disaster

High-emitting countries like ours have run up quite a climate tab.

Stan Cox and Priti Gulati Cox

Without the US and China’s Cooperation, Climate Catastrophe Is Inevitable

What if the two countries moved beyond simply talking and started working together to champion the radical lowering of global carbon emissions?

Michael T. Klare

Nancy Fraser’s Lessons From the Long History of Capitalism

She talked to The Nation about capitalism’s evolutions and what the left can do to better prepare for the next political crisis.

Rhoda Feng

Covering Climate Now

Parkland students help register voters in Tallahassee in July, 2018.

Can Gen Z Save the Midterms for Democrats?

Progressive organizers predict a “youth wave” election-night surprise.

Mark Hertsgaard
A journalist using binoculars during an event to understand the impact of climate change on biodiversity in Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park

Journalism Turns a Corner on Climate Change

Watch the Covering Climate Now TV special Burning Questions tonight on public television’s WORLD channel.

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope
David Malpass speaking in a suit

The White House Wants a Climate Denier Out as World Bank President

John Kerry backs Al Gore’s call to “get rid of” David Malpass at the world’s largest development bank.

Mark Hertsgaard

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