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Here are some ways to cut costs and improve outcomes no matter what happens to healthcare reform in Washington.

One lesson we've learned from the economic crisis is that it's even more crucial during the holiday season to give more meaningfully.

Come out of the closet about your drug use; hire a formerly incarcerated person; vote for politicians who are smart on crime.

Find an emergency prevention programs in your area, encourage no-strings attached outreach and more means to end homelessness.

Learn the best bathroom options and soup kitchen schedules, carry a blanket, squat and more.

Find a "good bank," make responsible investments, save locally and more...

Eat less meat, conserve energy, buy fair-trade products, support sustainable agriculture, advocate for food security as a human right...

Take these concrete steps to build an antiwar infrastructure from the bottom up.

Get involved in the peace movement. Demand oversight hearings. Read up on the war--and more.