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Looks like neither ploy Beyerstein suggests will fly. There's clearly too many vulnerable Democratic Congressional seats for the current occupants to risk their political hides by standing on "principle" (as redefined in this incredibly bad bill by the likes of Pelosi and Reid ). Barring any last-minute defections by Senate Republicans (a most unlikely scenario), self-preservation will surely win out among the large number of Democrats required to fall on their electoral swords in order to pass yet another version of so-called "healthcare reform" any time soon.

And of course, timing's everything here. The longer the taxpaying electorate has to scrutinize the details/consequences of this bill (such as the recent $60 billion tax exemption Dems generously granted union members (13 percent of the working class) at the expense of the remaining 87 percent of American workers who'll be forced to pay a 40 percent excise taxes on so-called Cadillac healthcare plans... and the list goes on), the more pissed-off voters will become.

Back to the drawing board, folks !

Mark McKenzie

Bowling Green, OH

Jan 22 2010 - 11:11pm

Web Letter

The author is obviously playing inside-the-Beltway ping-pong, or is it inside pool? Weren't the droves of progressives voting with their feet in Massachusetts a clear enough signal that they might be fed up with corporatized "health reform"?

If the Dem leadership and Congress (with a few noble exceptions) want to continue single-payer-off-the-table compromises, let them go at it. Genuine progressives need to get about building a non-corporate alternative party and movement. A couple of Green Party members in Congress or state legislatures might just change the whole equation.

e.b. bortz

Pittsburgh, PA

Jan 21 2010 - 4:18pm

Web Letter

Lindsay Beyerstein's article is typical of the left-wing totalitarian, anti-democratic mentality. Sure, here are two ways to get the healthcare bill passed before the will of the people can be expressed! Just because the people are against this healthcare legislitation is no reason not to ram it through ASAP. What a lesson in democracy you folks ar The Nation are giving us!

Abdul Ameer

Chicago, IL

Jan 21 2010 - 3:16pm

Web Letter

Not much, really. Only what our fearless representatives make of it. They can use the Brown election over Coakley as an excuse to trash healthcare or finish the job. I've been watching Mr. Brown, here from Maine, and the man really isn't on the cutting edge of genius. Coakleys's aloof and reserve attitude didn't inspire a lot of interest, but Brown is far from inspiring any trust. He seems to be channeling Jeff Dunham's Walter. Brown hasn't run into the old bulls of the senate yet, and every time this guy opens his mouth he sounds more like Sarah Palin than Einstein.

james l. pinette

Caribou, ME

Jan 21 2010 - 11:27am

Web Letter

Obama has already addressed the empty Republican seat in the Senate. He's ordered the Democrats to not jam the legislation through until its filled. I'm sure it's all in the interest of fair play. Wow, what a guy. If I had only voted for him, I'd be so proud right now.

I didn't vote for either major party; am I ever disappointed. I could be on the Obama bandwagon right now if I had just believed all of his campaign promises.

I could be enjoying all the freedoms of the Constitution being restored, and watching all of the needed infrastructure projects being created along with all of the jobs required to accomplish these monumental tasks.

I feel so foolish for not believing in the change he promised to bring to America.

Charles Lingenfelser

Brandon, MS

Jan 20 2010 - 5:47pm

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