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To this armchair former Democrat from Michigan, greatly impressed by the election of former Michigan State Senate minority leader Mark Schauer as Congressman in a district where the Republican party was originally founded, I see similarities in the choice Georgia faces re Martin versus Chambliss. Surely, wise Georgians can see clearly the nature of their choice. Do they want to select a vigorous Democrat with excellent ideas re resolving Bush's economic disaster and adventurism in foreign wars (attract new industrial growth into Georgia, expand US commitments to join Canadian and other troops in Afghanistan seeking to uproot the truly evil Taliban, preserve and expand green energy production alternatives (including new companies producing the hardware for such alternatives) sitting at the Obama table when the decisions are being made? Or do they want more Bush clones sitting in a corner sucking lemons, full of remorse about blowing a contest they might have won, and outside the offices where new policies are now being formed, muttering only angrily "No! No! No!" It is clear that Martin is out front of the New Georgia approach, owing nothing to any Democratic faction, whereas Chambliss is already elbowing his way through the Senate Republican caucus Grumbling Room in search of a prime "negative chair" near the center. Think carefully, Georgia, about where you want your Senator to be sitting!

william h. magney

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Nov 22 2008 - 8:25am

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