Why Is France Burning? Why Is France Burning?

Fires and rioting in France are the result of thirty years of government neglect and the failure of the French political classes to make any serious effort to integrate Muslim and ...

Nov 10, 2005 / Feature / Doug Ireland

Germ Boys and Yes Men Germ Boys and Yes Men

Stewart Simonson is a former Amtrak corporate attorney with zero medical experience. So why is he in charge of emergency health and bioterrorism in the federal government?

Nov 9, 2005 / Feature / Jeremy Scahill

The Soccer Star and the President The Soccer Star and the President

Who is Diego Maradona, and how did a former Argentinian soccer star become the nemesis of an American President?

Nov 8, 2005 / Feature / Dave Zirin

Passing the Torch Passing the Torch

Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel takes on the role of publisher and general partner at the magazine, and Victor Navasky becomes publisher emeritus and a member of the magazine's...

Nov 7, 2005 / Editorial / The Editors

Sheryl Swoopes: Out of the Closet–and Ignored Sheryl Swoopes: Out of the Closet–and Ignored

WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes has just come out of the closet. But why didn't anyone care?

Nov 4, 2005 / Editorial / Dave Zirin

Genes, Genius, Genies Genes, Genius, Genies

The right has ushered in a moment of cult celebrity for the pre-born. But let's not be seduced by this idea of personhood. Remember the poor and not-so-perfect post-born children ...

Nov 3, 2005 / Column / Patricia J. Williams

Intolerable Cruelty Intolerable Cruelty

If the US is to prevail in the war on terror, we must do it by distinguishing ourselves from the enemy. Torture and degrading treatment are as morally evil as terrorism, because th...

Nov 3, 2005 / Editorial / David Cole

Showdown on the Court Showdown on the Court

The nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the US Supreme Court forces the debate the President and the Senate have tried so mightily to avoid: whether the Court should shift decisive...

Nov 3, 2005 / Editorial / The Editors

All the King’s Media All the King’s Media

The scandals suffocating the Bush Administration seem less like Nixon and Watergate and more like Louis XV and pre-Revolutionary France. They are harbingers of a potent cultural ev...

Nov 3, 2005 / Books & the Arts / William Greider

Before School Before School

San Francisco recently launched universal preschool, designed to make young participants higher earners and better citizens when they reach adulthood. If successful, San Francisco&...

Nov 3, 2005 / Feature / David Kirp