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  • May 17, 2006

    Inequality Counts

    The relentless reduction of taxes on the wealthy has created a profound inequality between the very rich and the bottom half of American society, affecting every aspect of daily life.

    Leon Friedman

  • May 15, 2006

    This Bud’s Not for the World Cup

    Soccer fans in Germany struck a blow against US corporate blandness by turning up their noses at the notion that Budweiser is the official beer of the games.

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • May 11, 2006

    Watching What You Say

    How are AT&T, Sprint, MCI and other telecommunications giants cooperating with the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program?

    Tim Shorrock

  • May 4, 2006

    J.K. Galbraith and the Forks in the Road

    While John Kenneth Galbraith was good at pointing out the failures of the free enterprise system, he could never overcome the play-to-win mentality of American capitalism.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • May 4, 2006

    John Kenneth Galbraith

    Longtime Nation Associate John Kenneth Galbraith is best remembered not only as a New Dealer, old-line liberal or Keynesian economist but as a contrarian and independent thinker.

    the Editors

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  • May 3, 2006

    May Day, May Day

    Despite the loud and determined voice of immigrant communities for fair and just immigration reform, we have yet to see an acceptable proposal from Congress.

    Saurav Sarkar

  • May 3, 2006

    My Mother, the Illegal Alien

    As the May Day protests, they evoked memories of an earlier generation of immigrants who lived with the fear of deportation.

    Robert Scheer

  • April 27, 2006

    The Media Is the Mensaje

    Outspoken DJs on Spanish-speaking radio are giving immigrant activists a loud, clear voice.

    Ed Morales

  • April 20, 2006

    Ford’s Past in Argentina

    Legal actions are now unfolding against former Ford Motor Company officials for colluding with the military during Argentina's "dirty war."

    Kelly Hearn

  • April 17, 2006

    Tax Refund Scheme Targets the Working Poor

    Corporate tax preparers like H&R Block continue to target taxpayers hungry for rapid refunds with questionable loans.

    Bernice Yeung