The Prosecution of Inauguration-Day Protesters Is a Threat to Dissent

The government keeps expanding its efforts to prosecute J20 protesters, and this should alarm all of us.

Chip Gibbons

Is Donald Trump Saving the NFL?

The president’s attacks could be the best thing to happen to the league.

Robert Lipsyte

Turning Broadband Access Into a Social Movement

Solutions to the digital divide won’t come from Washington but from our own backyards.

Michelle Chen
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Republican Tax Cuts

Trump’s Latest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: Pass His Own Tax Plan

Trump and many members of his cabinet would reap billions if the GOP tax cuts become law. 

George Zornick

Senate Republicans Are Trying to Give the 1 Percent a $1.9 Trillion Tax Break

Senators Bernie Sanders and Tammy Baldwin led the opposition with a pair of amendments that challenged a “horrible bill.”

John Nichols

The GOP Tax Plan Fails the Children

By not expanding the Child Tax Credit, Republicans have missed a chance to help every struggling American family.

Bryce Covert
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Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, Disconnection and Chaos, but Grace Under Pressure

With almost no power and shortages of water and medicine, this island is full of people suffering from PTSD.
Ed Morales

San Juan—As Donald Trump’s rule-by-disinformation strategy intensifies, three weeks after Hurricane Maria, a reeling Puerto Rico is becoming more of a sideshow for his callous stereotyping and ruthlessness. He is subjecting the island’s citizens to layers of anguish, at once revealing the resourcefulness of a sturdy rural culture and the… Continue Reading >

Trump and Russia

Robert Mueller’s End Game: Is Trump’s Impeachment a Possibility?

It’s time to start giving serious thought to how this crisis will end.

Bob Dreyfuss

Democrats and Republicans in Congress Agree: Russia Did It

Senators Burr and Warner and Representative Schiff say the intelligence community’s assessment got it right.

Bob Dreyfuss

Are Russia’s ‘Friends’ Hiding in Your Facebook Feed?

How Russian trolls tried to organize anti-immigrant rallies, and more.

Bob Dreyfuss

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