The New Politics of Abortion

There’s a New Playbook for Securing Abortion Access

Recent wins suggest that we are more effective when we proudly proclaim our support for abortion access for all—and defend that position when the attacks come.

Andrea Miller

Why Abortion Doulas Matter, Even When We’re Just Showing Up

Doulas not only support people having abortions but also demystify abortion in the wider world.

Alice Markham-Cantor

The Politics of Abortion Is Entering a New Era

The Supreme Court won’t protect abortion access anymore. But thousands of activists will.

Emily Douglas

Special Report

How Abortion Funds Showed America That ‘Roe’ Is Not Enough

The movement for abortion access—not just rights—has arrived, and it’s winning fights across the country.
Amy Littlefield

Nilofar Ganjaie often has to ask people what belongings they can sell to help pay for their abortions. Her organization, the Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAAF), helps people in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska who are struggling to afford the hundreds or, later in pregnancy, thousands of dollars that an… Continue Reading >

mapping access

What Does Reproductive Justice Activism Look Like As Clinics Close?

As abortion access in Ohio erodes, reproductive justice groups are bringing new activists to the fight.

Dani McClain

swing state politics

How I Won a Florida Swing Seat as a Proud Abortion-Rights Supporter

Consultants advised me not to talk about my work for Planned Parenthood. But I didn’t want to win an election if I could not be myself, and supporting reproductive freedom is foundational to who I am.

Anna Eskamani


The Pro-Choice Movement Has Won the Culture War

Abortion has never been less taboo than it is today.
Moira Donegan

I own a tote bag that says “I had an abortion” in blue block letters. I also have a T-shirt that says “Everyone loves someone who had an abortion.” You can get a pro-abortion holographic fanny pack as part of a fundraiser for the National Network of Abortion Funds. In… Continue Reading >

On the Ground

Meet the Prosecutors Resisting America’s Frightening New Abortion Bans

A group of progressive attorneys is refusing to enforce new abortion laws. But in a legal landscape so hostile to choice, is deliberate inaction enough?

Cynthia Greenlee

Meet the Fringe Zealot Behind One of the Country’s Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Measures

Janet Folger Porter was once deemed too radical even for conservatives. Now she’s behind a wave of “heartbeat” bans sweeping the states.

Zoë Carpenter

Republican Attacks on Abortion Don’t Send Democrats Running Scared Anymore

In Virginia, Democrats won back the statehouse despite Republicans’ blatant lies.

Joan Walsh

Election 2020

How the Next President Can Expand Reproductive Freedom

From remaking the judiciary to repealing Hyde to removing the global gag rule, Trump’s successor has their work cut out for them.
Ilyse Hogue

In Los Angeles in early May, I woke up at 5:30 am to a barrage of texts and phone calls. The day before, the Alabama Legislature had passed a law banning abortion completely. This move came on the heels of the Georgia General Assembly criminalizing abortion after the sixth week… Continue Reading >