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November 25, 2019, Issue

Cover art by: AP / Richard Drew (photo)

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  • Books & the Arts

    David Maraniss’s Tale of Hope and Misfortune in Postwar America

    In A Good American Family, the journalist and editor examines his father and mother’s youthful idealism and the bitter years of McCarthyism that followed.

    Andrew J. Bacevich

  • Who Gets to Be Color-Blind?

    Thomas Chatterton Williams argues in his new book that race is something individuals can unlearn. But no matter how socially constructed racial identity may be, our lived experience of it is anything but fictitious.

    Ismail Muhammad

  • Did the New Deal Need FDR?

    His political evolution points to a different locus of power than the one liberals tend to invoke when discussing the era’s history.

    Kim Phillips-Fein
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