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June 23-30, 2014 Issue

Cover art by: design by Robert Best


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  • Books & the Arts

    James Joyce’s Untamable Power

    Censors thought it dirty and rebellious, but what makes Ulysses radical is its dramatization of the unending conflict between good and evil.

    James Longenbach

  • Free to Choose?

    How Americans have become tyrannized by the culture’s overinvestment in choice.

    Sophia Rosenfeld

  • The Best Years of Their Lives

    Why World War II offered Hollywood directors an escape into reality.

    Noah Isenberg
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  • Letters


    Bitcoin, bitcoin, going so fast… students keep up the pressure… teachers held in the rubber room… for women only… Cold War déjà vu (all over again)… Capital in Pie Town…

    Our Readers