Turkey Brings NATO to the Precipice of War With Russia

By shooting down a Russian fighter jet, Ankara could sunder the growing coalition against ISIS, which it has been aiding and abetting for some time.

James Carden

Violence, Moral Equivalence, and the End of a Two-State Solution in Israel-Palestine

A slanderous ad in The New York Times accusing John Kerry of anti-Semitism could only have drawn its inspiration from the PR skills of Joseph Goebbels.

Henry Siegman

Ukraine and Crimea: A Report From the Front

Grassroots activists in Kiev want democracy, social justice, and an end to corruption. If the peace agreement holds, they just might have a chance.

Mary Kaldor


The Paris Attacks: What to Say? What to Think? What to Do?

An Algerian writer ponders the brutal and senseless absurdity the jihadis seek to impose.

Kamel Daoud

Why Paris Became the Jihadi Jackpot

It incarnates the spirit of humanism and universalism that released Europe from the bonds of religion. That’s exactly why the fanatics loathe it.

Natasha Lehrer

After the Paris Attacks, a Call for Justice—Not Vengeance

The years after September 11 are a powerful reminder that an “all-out war” on terror only creates more terrorism.

Phyllis Bennis

Special Report

The Maquiladora Workers of Juárez Find Their Voice

Low pay, abusive conditions, no union representation—employees are fed up and fighting back.
David Bacon

Ciudad Juárez—After more than a decade of silence, maquiladora workers in Ciudad Juárez have found their voice. The city, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, is now the center of a growing rebellion of laborers in the border factories. At the gates to four plants, including a… Continue Reading >

Refugee Crisis

Republican Governors Are Posturing on Refugees, but Their Xenophobia Has Real Consequences

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are up, but that’s not all.

John Knefel

Merkel’s Refugee Policy Is Political Calculus, Not Humanitarian Generosity

It’s high time to wipe the rose tint from the media’s lens on Germany as the shining bastion of Willkommenskultur.

Natasha Lennard and Lukas Hermsmeier

The GOP Stampede Toward Fascism After the Paris Attacks

We are witnessing one of the most morally calamitous reactions to a refugee crisis in the country’s history.

Sasha Abramsky

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