The Pacific Coast Farm-Worker Rebellion

From Baja California to Washington State, indigenous farm workers are standing up for their rights.

David Bacon

China’s Meltdown Goes Deeper Than the Stock Market

The market’s volatility hurts share prices, but the turbulence in China’s real economy has plunged workers into poverty and fatal risks on the job.

Michelle Chen

The Civilian Toll From the War Against ISIS Is Unacceptable. Why Isn’t the Press Covering It?

The US-led bombing campaign has killed hundreds, according to one comprehensive report. The Pentagon admits to two.

Sara Rathod

Europe’s New Left

The Promise, and Peril, of Europe’s New Left Solidarity

There's been a groundswell of insurgent politics, from Greece to Britain, but so far victory has been elusive.

Maria Margaronis

Why a Left-Wing Socialist Is Poised to Become the Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

Unlike the party apparatchiks, Jeremy Corbyn has consistently opposed austerity—and voters are enthusiastic.

D.D. Guttenplan

Turning the European Debt Myth Upside Down

The debt crisis has little to do with poor budgeting and everything to do with crony capitalism.

Conn Hallinan and Foreign Policy In Focus


Turkey Is Using ISIS as Cover for Its War Against Kurdish Activists

Exclusive interviews with survivors and witnesses of an Islamic State bombing show that the Turkish government has finally declared war… on the activists ISIS attacked.
Nathan Robinson

In the days and even hours before the bomb went off, the atmosphere among Turkey’s young leftists had been hopeful, even upbeat. The country’s Islamist government had just failed to win a parliamentary majority, and socialist feminists in Kurdistan were managing to simultaneously keep the Islamic State, or ISIS, at… Continue Reading >

Focus on Iran

Why Would ‘The New York Times’ Try to Torpedo the Iran Deal?

Today’s front-page piece masquerades as news analysis, while pushing a neoconservative agenda.

James Carden

Iran Hawks Think We Can Impose Harsher Sanctions on Iran

Here’s why they’re wrong.

Juan Cole

It’s Not a Nuclear-Armed Iran That Israel and Saudi Arabia Really Fear

It’s that the Vienna Agreement opens the door for the United States and Iran to develop important financial and trade ties.

Peter Van Buren

Take Action

Tell Congress: Do Not Sabotage Diplomacy With Iran

Members of Congress are threatening to sabotage the historic deal with Iran—a move that risks bringing us closer to war.

Take Action Now! >

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