TPP Could Actually Make Working Conditions Worse in Vietnam

The free market won’t break the country’s manufacturers’ reliance on forced labor, child labor, and dismal wages.

Michelle Chen

Is There a Human Right to Kill?

How governments, NGOs, and conservative think tanks turned the language of human rights on its head.

Nicola Perugini and Neve Gordon

On the Cusp of an Iran Deal, Israel Facilely Beats the War Drums

Benjamin Netanyahu opts to welcome a likely Iran nuclear deal with a silly propaganda cartoon, exposing himself as the real joke.

Ali Gharib

Special Report

What a Trial in Pakistan Reveals About Women Who Choose Fundamentalist Islam

Rafia Zakaria

“I have settled the matters with my parents and intend to go with them. I [can] be sent with my father, Sheikh Abdul Qayyum, petitioner. I am making this statement with my free consent and will.” This statement was uttered by 26-year-old Uzma Qayyum to the judge in an Islamabad… Continue Reading >


Barack Obama: War President

How Obama Went From Being a Peace Candidate to a War President

Critics call him timid, but the president’s foreign policy has often been too aggressive—even at the risk of our long-term national interests.

Sherle R. Schwenninger

How American Exceptionalism Covers Up the Injustices of Drone Warfare

The “We’re Number One!” attitude is a disease eating at the very root of our principles.

Mike Farrell

The Afghanistan War Is Still Raging—but This Time It’s Being Waged by Contractors

The mission isn't “over”… it’s just been reassigned.

Tim Shorrock

Gaza: One Year Later

Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent War

On the anniversary of the 2014 war, Gaza’s kids are still trying to recover from years’ of cascading violence.

Jen Marlowe

Is Israel Guilty of Genocide in Its Assault on Gaza?

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, inspired by the 1967 inquiry into American war crimes in Vietnam, examined the case.

Richard Falk

Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked

Israel claims that it is merely exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza is no longer occupied. Here’s what you need to know about these talking points and more.

Noura Erakat

Take Action

Tell Apple to Protect Its Workers From Dangerous Chemicals

Included among the hundreds of chemicals used in electronics manufacturing in China are known carcinogens and reproductive toxins.

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