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October 26, 2009

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Worldwatch Focuses on Africa

Washington, D.C.


The quickest way to Rahm Emanuel's bad side: put progressive pressure on conservative Democrats.

A frightening new climate change study says the United States must quit carbon within ten years.

Benefits extensions and retraining are not sufficient to address the staggering level of unemployment now facing Americans.

On healthcare, Representative Grayson lands a punch; momentum against "don't ask, don't tell"; Obama goes weak on press freedom; Greece votes socialist as Europe trends right.


The real reason Limbaugh is losing his cool is that his dream of owning an NFL franchise is going up in smoke.


The healthcare debate has become a convenient distraction from the far more pressing issues surrounding the banking meltdown.

Rush Limbaugh's long history of racism should be enough to quash his chances of becoming an owner in the National Football League.

Marginal extremist voices are amplified by the right-wing echo chamber.

Newsrooms' fears of misunderstanding the right leads to outsized coverage and attention.


287(g), the Department of Homeland Security program that empowers local police, like notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to detain undocumented immigrants, is under scrutiny.

At this past weekend's National Equality March, fury, or at least frustration, with the president trumped hope. On four key gay rights reforms, the administration's support is decidedly mixed at best.

A grassroots group for LGBT activism, born at last weekend's National Equality March, plans to push Obama harder than established gay rights groups will.

Will Obama do any better at listening to critics of the Afghan War than Lyndon Johnson did on Vietnam?

At a recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, former CIA officers offered clear alternatives to escalation in Afghanistan.

Should President Obama and General McChrystal read the 111-year-old novel, The War of the Worlds?

Those who seized power in June have polarized society, delegitimized political institutions and empowered social movements.

Having concluded that US and IMF/World Bank prescriptions failed their region, a new generation of leaders seek economic and social development through homegrown strategies.

The campaign against forced prostitution works when it addresses victims' needs.

The first step toward lasting financial reform is to identify the roots of the crisis.

Can the United States and Iran negotiate an end to the nuclear standoff?

Books & the Arts


Alain Resnais's Wild Grass and Margot Benacerraf's Araya.


Is the task of philosophy "to learn how to die," or to teach that there is no such thing as a good death?


In Leonard Cohen's Afterworld, the trajectory between the latest hit and the wisdom of old has been a long one.



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