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April 21, 2003 Issue

  • Features

    Hors de Combat

    She's the ultimate quick-change artist, with a style that can absorb any trend and an image to match. She's gone from material girl to S/M maitresse, from power diva to contented mother.

    Richard Goldstein

  • What We Do Now

    As the Bush Administration continues its illegal and unjust military invasion of Iraq, we must steel ourselves for the difficult days that lie ahead.

    David Cortright

  • Response 1

    David Cortright has laid out many aspects of an agenda to help the US peace movement move from the immediate work of trying to stop this war, to continuing to broaden the reach of our movement

    Phyllis Bennis and John Cavanagh

  • Response 2

    The war is just two weeks old, yet the Bush Administration has accomplished the unprecedented isolation of the United States worldwide, even from several of its historic allies.

    Bill Fletcher Jr.

  • Response 3

    Ifind David Cortright's call useful but limiting. The most exciting aspect of the antiwar organizing has been its global reach.

    Medea Benjamin

  • The Press and the Myths of War

    There is nothing glorious or gallant about combat.

    Chris Hedges

  • The Reason Why

    Bush's motives have more to do with empire and profit than with liberating Iraq.

    George McGovern

  • The Naked and the Red

    Led by a former Boeing machinist, Las Vegas exotic dancers are talking union.

    Marc Cooper

  • Richard Perle’s Corporate Adventures

    Richard Perle's resignation as chairman of Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board on March 27 capped a tumultuous month for the neoconservative who spent the past decade stoking the fires for t

    Tim Shorrock

  • The Generals’ Revolt

    At no point in modern American history has the civilian leadership of the nation's military establishment come under as much criticism from serving military officers as is the case now regardin

    Michael T. Klare

  • Editorials

    Rumsfeld Should Go

    This editorial was originally published in the April 21, 2003 issue of The Nation.

    the Editors

  • Lawyers Keep Out

    Because September 11 "changed everything," it hasn't always been easy to find an objective yardstick by which to judge the Bush Administration's tactics in the "war on terrorism." But the Admin

    David Cole

  • The Washington Wars

    By the start of the third week of war, Bush was bogged down in Mesopotamia and Washington.

    David Corn

  • TV’s Conflicted Experts

    Perhaps Americans can be excused for imagining that "regime change" in Iraq would be a cakewalk.

    Daniel Benaim, Priyanka Motaparthy and Vishesh Kumar

  • Passings

    In its tribute to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who died on March 26, The Economist mentions that his office washroom displayed a framed cover of the September 22, 1979, issue of The Natio

    the Editors

  • Letter From Ground Zero

    A Vesuvius of violence has erupted from the dead center of American life, the executive branch of the government.

    Jonathan Schell

  • The Doha Follies

    Of the more than 700 journalists who have registered with the CentCom Coalition Media Center here, two have emerged as celebrities.

    Michael Massing

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