Joseph McElroy

Joseph McElroy is the author of Women and Men (Dalkey Archive), The Letter Left to Me (Knopf), A Smuggler's Bible and Plus (Carroll & Graf), and other novels. His Actress in the House will be published this month by Overlook Press (April 2003).

Dangerous Liaisons Dangerous Liaisons

He says he is not a fighter--or rather, the narrator says it; he's "an onlooker," someone who steps aside, "frail," "not the savior of the world," not a "prophet," speaking onl...

Apr 3, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Joseph McElroy

Earth in the Balance Earth in the Balance

It is life that Joy Williams is after in this book about (at times overwhelmingly or bizarrely) death. Ill Nature means her anger, her attitude, but it really means sick Nature. ...

Oct 18, 2001 / Books & the Arts / Joseph McElroy

Salvation in South Africa Salvation in South Africa

Blessed with a great subject, afflicted with it too, J.M. Coetzee has remade its meanings in the light of metaphor often no further from us than our own bodies.

Feb 16, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Joseph McElroy