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The Liberal Media

Eric Alterman

As prospects for traditional media decline, alternatives are emerging.

Fairytales about the health of our democracy disguise the corrupting influence of top donors.

Bryan Burrough’s new book should lead us to ask why extremists are so frequently able to hijack movements fighting for social justice.

Minorities confront prejudice and barriers to success in almost every aspect of their lives, but right-wing pundits prefer to blame the victims and the welfare state.

The state of conservative intellectual debate demonstrates the power of movement crazies.

The Fox News anchor’s war stories have been exposed as lies. And it’s all good.

Noam Scheiber says the mayor should focus more on economic populism—but neglects to mention his big wins for New Yorkers.

Our friends abroad give the network the derision and the mockery it deserves.


Eric Alterman
Eric Alterman is a Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College, City...