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Re 'Democracy for Sale'

The problem is much bigger than campaign financing

It would be a compliment to say that America has Third World–class politicians, economists, journalists and historians. See, those Third World countries like China and Brazil have actually grown over the last few decades, while America lost her vigor and vitality.

The American leadership has been chronically inadequate. Here are some specific questions to point out the failures:

What was the last war that actually bestowed benefits upon any side involved in a bloody conflict?

What political party warned that the export of US jobs would be extremely harmful in the long term?

What president warned us that budget deficits would hurt the US economy in the long run and refused to sign the bill to reduce them?

What renowned, Nobel Prize–winning economists warned us pre-emptively about the deadly consequences of the housing bubble and get-rich-overnight, profit-only-driven mentality?

What influential mainstream media spared no effort to warn America about the looming catastrophes and devoted the majority of their programming to fulfilling such objectives?

The depressing answer is, nobody. All of them adopted a short-sighted, selfish, opportunistic and non-confrontational mentality. All relevant hiring, promotions and nominations were handled in the same spirit.

All the whistle-blowers were meticulously silenced, obstructed, unpublished or ignored.

Unfortunately, the same policies are still being implemented.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

Oct 21 2010 - 2:40pm

Re 'Democracy for Sale'

Republicans are vulnerable if they take money from foreign donors

I have been calling voters for the past two weeks here in Orange County, California, which is a right-wing bastion. I have been calling to identify voters that are leaning Democratic or not.  The interesting thing about my responses came from my questions about campaign finance reform. To date, not one voter—Republican, Democrat or other— said they would vote for someone who accepts money from foreign donors. I tried asking the question different ways and always got the same answer. I think the Democrats have a real issue here if the word can get out as to who is accepting this foreign money from the US Chamber of Commerce and other organizations that funnel foreign donations to Republicans. Each Democratic campaign should disclose his opponent's acceptance of these funds in a big way and attack, attack, attack! I tell you, it is a game changer. Democrats have been given this issue on a silver platter.

Gary Draper

Laguna Woods, CA

Oct 18 2010 - 9:35pm

Re 'Democracy for Sale'

Why is this editorial not signed?

Your article would have been credible had you not done the very thing that you ascribe to corporate financing of campaigns: lack of disclosure. Your article is by "The Editors." Why have you not disclosed exactly who wrote this article? Hypocrites!

Brad E. Bradley

Enfield, NC 27823

Oct 17 2010 - 1:53pm