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In two words, "complete nonsense," and this is why. Not once is the word oil mentioned. Oil is now above $90 a barrel and Iraq may have 300 billion of them, which projected into the future amounts to 30 trillion dollars' worth of them. Quite a prize, but how to get it? Perchance you have heard the phrase "divide and conquer"? How the Bushies get the prize is simple. First, destroy Iraq as a country,(well described in the article), then create conditions where the intelligentsia leave the "country" and the masses self-partition themeselves into three weak mini-states. Then create a weak central puppet government, and force on them oil-production "sharing agreements." To think the Bushies are incompetent in their endeavor in Iraq is just plain stupid.

Eric Swan

Lebanon, KY

Dec 26 2007 - 6:13pm

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