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"Sami Al-Arian...a professor from Florida." That's all he is? No need to look into how he got high security clearance and was attending a Rose Garden meeting with President Bush? No need to look at that video of him ranting against the Jews, calling for their extermination. Now reader, don't think I'm "pro-Israel" or any of that pigeonholing. I'm simply pro-truth. Mr. Cockburn, who should know better, is not doing good journalism. I'd hate to think that he simply hasn't looked into Al-Arian's fascist background because he believed Amy Goodman was all the research he needed to do. Or worse, I'd hate to think that he knows the other element of this story and isn't leveling with us.

Folks, those of us who have been around a while know there is no absolute purity of intention in the generically termed left-wing. Ye shouldst do thy homework. You have never seen a more blatant example of a fascist government using one of their pawns as a political tool.

Richard Ray Harris

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Jul 8 2008 - 1:23pm

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