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The big losers in all this are the ordinary citizens in Iraq and throughout the Mideast who were promised an infusion of democratic ideals in the wake of the invasion. Instead, they have been left with a widespread resurgence of religious fanaticism. Never have those fundamentalist forces, which produced 9/11, been more popular in the Mideast--particularly in Iraq, where Al Qaeda was ruthlessly suppressed by Saddam Hussein.

Are there any numbers/stats to support this statement?

Brandon Chase

Westerville, OH

May 16 2007 - 3:40pm

Web Letter

Good, concise article on both the ominous march by Iran towards nuclear weapons and the horrifying ineptitude of this Administration. However, I would not classify this Administration as being ineffective. On the contrary, I believe the Bush people--mainly Rove, Wolfowitz, Pearle, some wealthy business men and women and others working behind the scenes and Cheney--are quite skilled about what they are attempting.

As I've said in other writings, I am not a conspiracy advocate unless we're talking politicians and preachers, so when I see the hawks' apparent hatred of America and the unbelievable disregard for our Constitution, our environment, our principles and our freedoms being advanced by these very intelligent, well-informed people, I can only conclude that the motive for continuing such a descent into the abyss has its roots in fascist ideology.

Yet who will believe this other than those considered on the fringes of our society? Does anyone have a better explanation, one that does not simply cop-out by claiming incompetence?

Surely, these men and women are not stupid and surely they did not concoct these plans in the hours following 9/11. They had this planned out decades in advance, and such planning, when brought together and acted upon in unison can easily be interpreted as a conspiracy. Conspiracy: "An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act."

John LeVan

Thorndale, PA

May 16 2007 - 12:34pm

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