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Dear Ms. Holtzman, dear editors of The Nation:

A year ago, I was inspired and heartened by your incisive article on the same subject. At that time, you were one of the few who dared to raise your voice on the subject. Today, thanks to your courageous example, many who want to see America once again the leader of the free world are raising their voices.

Forty years ago, my eighth-grade teacher taught me about patriotism. My class recited not only the Pledge of Allegiance, but also the Preamble to the Constitution and several other short historic essays, every morning. At the time, I wasn't sure whether I believed in what I was saying. But now, when I observe this Administration's blatant disregard for human rights and for the Constitution, my idealism and my love for this country force me to watch events critically. I can see that we are committing crimes against humanity in the guise of a "war on terror," and that we've allowed the gradual erosion of our Bill of Rights. We're led by a Tyrannosaurus rex who does whatever he wants, seemingly unstoppable.

The President continues to pursue a failed, illegal and immoral course. Our Congress has a duty, and the necessary power, to safeguard the checks and balances that ensure democracy. But as a group they shy away from impeachment because it's an onerous task--labeled by some as unpatriotic! They need to ask themselves why they are there in Washington, if not to meet such challenges head-on on behalf of their constituents.

Yvonne Garcia

Anchorage, Alaska

Feb 13 2007 - 2:07am