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(G)rêve général(e) in France

The French demonstrate the way!

The international media's support for neoliberal economics is well known. However, they did report that 70 percent of the French people support the strikes. They do hope that the French will accept the law once it gets passed all the legal hurdles, because strikes make the money markets nervous.

I think the French should continue their rolling strikes until the next election. Indeed, they should be imitated by all the countries in the formerly developed Western economies. These Western neoliberal governments will continue to chew away at the standard of living most Western Europeans used to enjoy. It is not just about raising the retirement age by two years. These people are the lowest form of life, who want to reduce you to wage slavery. You don't give them an inch.

Here, in California, the Republican candidates for governor and the Senate are behind in the polls by 10 percent and 8 percent respectively. Both are billionaires who have a history of laying off workers. Fiorina, the Senate candidate, from HP, laid off 30,000 workers, outsourcing their jobs to China and India. The Democrats may survive, because the Republican Party's candidates are worse. Voters do not trust either party, but whoever wins this election will lose in 2012, unless there is a government-sponsored stimulus package for Main Street involving rebuilding the infrastructure. We also need tariffs behind which we can rebuild our independent market.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Oct 29 2010 - 3:49pm

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