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A quick comment. From both the sociological and economic perspectives, a great piece. From a political perspective, I'm not sure that the appearance of a postponement in addressing the regulatory issues is an indication of intention not to do so. The old cliché applies: first put out the fire and then rearrange the furniture. If Geithner et al. can get modest amounts of lending started again for consumers and small businesses--without unduly "rewarding" those whose stupidity, greed, and/or malfeasance helped to create at least the scale of the problem with which we're all dealing--then that's a good Step #1. Step #2 would be to take the time to design a functional regulatory system for an electronic, global economy, and I think we would all agree that that's a complex problem best addressed when we are all a bit more calm? So let's cut the "Ice Man" a little slack and assume that intends to take this on at the right time.

Susan Kidder

San Rafael, CA

Feb 16 2009 - 2:49pm

Web Letter

Think of nationalization as a "reverse mortgage" in which the American people take stock in the banks as collateral for the taxpayer money being we are lending to them. The terms of these loans should be as scrupulous as the banks are when they give us mortgages. "Tell us about your assets. Give us a financial statement. You can't pay? We'll take your house, your business as collateral." Don't worry. As long as you measure up, you won't lose a thing, and we'll have the security of knowing that you can't walk off with what now belongs to us."

Ingrid Bengis Palei

Stonington, ME

Feb 12 2009 - 6:11pm

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The idea that 1929 marked a watershed year politically is ludicrous; the main changes did not come until 1932 and later.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby , PA

Feb 11 2009 - 2:41pm

Web Letter

What annoys me even more than the new put-down word of "populace" is that we are still worshipping at the alters of Reagan and Clinton. These are the two political geniuses who designed this information-, service-industry mess. They are the two idiots that sold the big "ship your job to China and we will re-educate you to become a Wall Street genius." China is still growing at 10 percent and we are in the tank and getting deeper. Worst yet, we still have loudmouth idiots like Kudlow and Dobbs yelling stupid platitudes, and credible people like Krugman, Reich, Klein and Bair can barely get a decent hearing. When did we give the country over to casino economics? Is that why Harry Reid is Senate leader? And poor Tim Geithner, alias " Gunther," as my wife calls him. He doesn't stand a chance. He is caught between Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum. Give the poor sob a break folks. He is 1,000 percent better than the gang of Mafia types that we had. Hank Paulson?!


Caribou, ME

Feb 11 2009 - 12:05am

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