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Does everyone know what the Hebrew word "ganayvim" means?

Well, recently there has been a lot of activity of lawyers acting on behalf of Palestinians being able to prove in court that the so-called Israeli ownership of property in East Jerusalem is based on forgeries. And that entailed newly cooperative efforts by the Ankara government in Turkey to produce documents dating back to the Ottoman Empire proving the forgeries and that the Israelis claiming ownership were ganayvim or thieves.

This new cooperation by Turkey is based on empathy for the Palestinians after Israel's barbarism and war crimes in Gaza horrified the entire world several months ago. Before that, Turkey has always refused to provide the documents at Israel's behest. Well no more.

This news is monumental because the desperate and fraudulent tactics of Israel, present even before its inception in 1948, are slowly being exposed, and especially regarding the crown jewel of Israel, Jerusalem.

stanley hersh

New York City, NY

Mar 25 2009 - 9:29pm

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