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  • August 5, 1999

    Not for Me

    I think I'd rather not belong
    At this point to the Falun Gong.
    The exercises don't look easy,
    And doing them might make me queasy

    Calvin Trillin

  • August 5, 1999

    Bush’s Death Watch

    In rather the same way as new movies are now "reviewed" in terms of their first weekend gross, new candidates have become subject to evaluation by the dimensions of their "war chest." This silly,

    Christopher Hitchens

  • August 5, 1999

    Pacifica Static

    The temblors around Ground Zero Berkeley, otherwise known as station KPFA, seemed to be diminishing, but there were lingering aftershocks.

    the Editors

  • July 22, 1999

    Prescription: Protest

    Neil Shulman, MD, first started seeing patients at Grady in 1969.
    For more information or to help, contact

    Neil Shulman MD

  • July 22, 1999

    Pricks Up Your Ears

    In the August 9/16 issue of The Nation, Alexander Cockburn discusses Pacifica's alleged plans to use "scab" programming. KPFK General Manager Mark Schubb has told The Nation that he is not aware of any plans to use KPFK programming as "replacement" programming during KPFA's internal conflict, and that he would not condone such use. The producers and host of RadioNation stated to Schubb that they will not allow RadioNation to be used as replacement programming under any circumstances.
    The column also incorrectly described the role at KPFK of Nation contributing editor Jon Wiener. He is a one-day-a-week unpaid volunteer.

    Alexander Cockburn


  • July 22, 1999

    Pacifica on the Brink

    Marc Cooper hosts a daily drive-time show on Pacifica's KPFK.

    Marc Cooper

  • July 22, 1999

    Ex-Prom Queen Goes Home

    Thomas Wolfe wrote that you can't go home again. Alix Kates Shulman disagrees.

    Beverly Gologorsky

  • July 22, 1999

    Remembering the 1993 Healthcare Debate While Listening to the 1999 Healthcare Debate

    The single-payer system, it was said,
    Has faults that go beyond the fact it's Red:
    If any faceless bureaucrat decreed
    That surgery the doctor says you need

    Calvin Trillin

  • July 8, 1999

    Rhyme and Resist

    Organizing the Hip-Hop Generation

    Each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.

    Angela Ards

  • July 8, 1999

    Natural Born Killers

    It didn't take long for the press to connect 21-year-old white-supremacist multikiller Benjamin Smith with the all-purpose explanation du jour: violent entertainment, in this case the computer g

    Katha Pollitt