Fashion Statements Fashion Statements

October is here, and once again it's time for post-season playoffs, foliage and fashion magazines thicker than the Old Testament with seasonal guidance for the young and voguish.

Oct 21, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman

Bertelsmann’s Revisionist Bertelsmann’s Revisionist

The Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute provided research assistance.

Oct 21, 1999 / Editorial / John S. Friedman and Hersch Fischler

Thurow’s Infonomics Thurow’s Infonomics

We are entering, techno-boosters breathlessly proclaim, a "third industrial revolution," that of the "knowledge-based" or "new" economy.

Oct 14, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Robert J. Crawford

Navigating The Atlantic Navigating The Atlantic

Michael Kelly said all the right things upon being appointed to head the 142-year-old beacon of American letters, The Atlantic Monthly.

Oct 7, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman

From Pacifica to the Atlantic From Pacifica to the Atlantic

The summer of 1999 will be remembered by many progressives as the time of the great KPFA lockout--when Pacifica's management tried to muzzle the nation's oldest community radio s...

Sep 23, 1999 / Editorial / Robert W. McChesney

A Euro Without a Europe A Euro Without a Europe

"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting," writes Milan Kundera in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. But in the US media today, nothing ...

Sep 23, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman

Pacifica/Bellicosica Pacifica/Bellicosica

Our coverage of the situation at KPFA in San Francisco--Marc Cooper's "Pacifica on the Brink" (Aug.

Sep 16, 1999 / Letters / Our Readers

The Journal’s Russia Scandal The Journal’s Russia Scandal

Just before Christmas in 1997, as a tumultuous stock-market crisis ravaged emerging markets in every corner of the globe, readers of the Wall Street Journal were treated to some ...

Sep 16, 1999 / Feature / Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames

CBS-Viacom Nuptials CBS-Viacom Nuptials

An abbreviated version of this article appeared in the October 4, 1999 issue.

Sep 16, 1999 / Editorial / Mark Crispin Miller

Little Limbaughs and the Fire Next Time Little Limbaughs and the Fire Next Time

Residents of Skaneateles, New York, complained to visiting reporters about the Clintons' decision to make themselves relatively scarce on their recent vacation.

Sep 9, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman