Wisconsin Is Systematically Failing to Provide the Photo IDs Required to Vote in November

New recordings from the DMV show how the state is continuing to disenfranchise black voters.

Ari Berman

Wells Fargo Crooks Stole From Customers, Reaped Obscene Rewards—and Stuck Us With the Bill

Until we start jailing banksters, they’ll keep doing it.

Robert L. Borosage

Don’t Ever Say Michelle Obama Didn’t Warn You About Trump

“If a candidate traffics in prejudice,” she says, “that is the kind of president they will be.”

John Nichols
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Focus on the Dakota Access Pipeline

It’s Time for Every Ally to Show Up in the Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

The temporary halt to the pipeline’s construction must be made permanent.

Tom Goldtooth and Annie Leonard

Native Americans Are Fighting a New but Familiar Battle at Standing Rock

The broken treaties of the past have now become a fundamental piece of the climate-justice battle.

Brian Ward

The Standing Rock Sioux Have Been Heard. Now What?

Construction on a part of the Dakota Access Pipeline has been suspended, but protesters aren’t going anywhere. 

Zoë Carpenter
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Special Report

Bernie Sanders: The ‘Nation’ Interview

In an exclusive post-primary sit-down, Senator Sanders speaks on Our Revolution, Donald Trump, and what he really thinks about Hillary Clinton.
Katrina vanden Heuvel and John Nichols

Bernie Sanders is still campaigning for the political revolution. He’s protesting with Native Americans against the Dakota Access pipeline, championing the Working Families Party, and hitting the trail for antimonopoly congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout. Sanders continues to draw big crowds and media attention after a presidential run that won more… Continue Reading >

Election 2016

The United States of Anxiety, Episode 2: Segregation and the Trump Phenomenon

Following World War II, the suburbs offered three key attractions: They were safe; they were secure; and they were segregated.

Kai Wright

Trump’s Terrible, No-Good Solution for Gender Inequality in the Workplace

To center the childcare debate around tax breaks and minimal subsidies is insulting to all working women.

Michelle Chen

The 2016 Election Proves That Neoliberalism Is Backfiring

Whatever their differences, the Sanders and Trump insurgencies sharply reject the dominant trend of a generation.

Ronald Aronson

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