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November 3, 2008 Issue

The Editors on the bank bailout, Gary Younge on Obama in Virginia, Noah Isenberg on Walter Benjamin…

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John Nichols on Sarah Palin's "vindication," David Cole on phone sex and national security, Danielle Douglas on Haiti.



Merritt Paulson, son of Henry Paulson, asks the city of Portland to fund his new sports stadiums even though he can afford it.



Smearing Colonel Vandeveld

Military commissions officials are using punitive psychological evaluations as part of a strategy to discredit and silence a former colleague turned whistleblower.

Health Cares

The United States stands alone among wealthy nations in failing to assure its population reasonable healthcare.

Safety Last

Pro-business judges who now dominate the Supreme Court undermine consumers' right to sue when they are injured by unsafe products.

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