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May 6, 2013 Issue

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  • Editorials

    For a Public Search Engine

    Studies show that insiders at Google could, if they wanted, covertly alter voter preferences. The very possibility is a threat to democracy.

    Evan Leatherwood

  • Save the New York Public Library!

    The current renovation plan is too costly and will ruin the landmark 42nd Street building. A reasonable compromise is still on the table.

    Scott Sherman

  • Noted

    John Nichols on the USPS and Saturday delivery, Liliana Segura on Boston hero Carlos Arredondo, James Cersonsky on a celebrity-studded fight against mass incarceration, and Laura Flanders on Tax Loopholes For All.

    Various Contributors

  • Tragedy in Boston

    We're still searching for the elusive balance between safety and liberty. Maybe, in the response to this attack, America can get it right.

    the Editors

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