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March 17, 2003 Issue

Mansour Farhang examines a triangle of realpolitik, Charles McCollester tells the real story of the Penn. mine rescue and William Greider wa…

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Urgent Action

Below is a listing of key UN missions, embassies and consulates for countries that the Bush Administration is leaning heavily on to secure a UN resolution for war.

Watching Workers’ Money

Though he did not get much credit for it, one of Harvey Pitt's last acts as SEC chairman was to hand a tremendous victory over the mutual-fund industry to the AFL-CIO.

Patriot Act’s Big Brother

In early February, the Center for Public Integrity disclosed a leaked draft of the Bush Administration's next round in the war on terrorism--the Domestic Security Enhancemen...

Iraq Endgame

Brushing aside the world's largest antiwar demonstrations ever, the United States, Britain and Spain have introduced a new United Nations Security Council resolution that wo...




Donahue’s Demise

The day before MSNBC announced that it was pulling the plug on Phil Donahue's nightly show, the man who pretty much invented talk TV was interviewing actress and author Rosie...

Inspecting US Weapons

The thirteen self-declared "citizen weapons inspectors" marching down a rain-swept road just outside Baltimore knew they weren't going to be allowed inside the US military'...

Left Coast Notes

At some point or another in their careers, just about every governor in the union faces some sort of recall effort.

Books & the Arts

Biodiversity and You

As the Earth's population surges toward the 7 billion mark, the following twist on an old maxim perhaps best applies: A single birth is a joyous occasion. A billion births i...

Slumming Toward Academia

Only the joy of capitalist expectation could move a pre-Reagan-born American to utter the line "civil rights is dead," let alone write a book devoted to that proposition.

The Crawford Conundrum

Say what you will about Michael Lind, at least he's never predictable. That is, of course, unless your prediction is that he's once again trying to find a way to disagree wi...

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