Theodore Hamm

Theodore Hamm, editor of The Brooklyn Rail, is an associate professor of urban studies at Metropolitan College of New York and author of
Rebel and a Cause: Caryl Chessman and the Politics of the Death
Penalty in Postwar California, 1948-1974

Dem Doldrums in Gotham Dem Doldrums in Gotham

Whatever his party label, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's firmest loyalties are to Wall Street. Why is his Democratic opponent unwilling to forcefully challenge him on economic issues?

Oct 21, 2009 / Editorial / Theodore Hamm

The Crawford Conundrum The Crawford Conundrum

Say what you will about Michael Lind, at least he's never predictable. That is, of course, unless your prediction is that he's once again trying to find a way to disagree with ...

Feb 27, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Theodore Hamm

Only the Dead Know Brooklyn Only the Dead Know Brooklyn

For more than a century, a recognizable pattern existed among those migrating to New York City: They came first either through Ellis Island or up from the American South, and m...

May 16, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Theodore Hamm

Our Prison Complex Our Prison Complex

This past winter both Edwin Meese and Gen. Barry McCaffrey expressed surprising misgivings about the current direction of the War on Drugs.

Sep 23, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Theodore Hamm