Jason Vest

Jason Vest writes on national security affairs for The Nation.

PNAC’s Happy Warriors PNAC’s Happy Warriors

The neocon think tank's recent call for an increase in troop strength is myopic.

Feb 5, 2005 / Feature / Jason Vest

Destabilizing the CIA Destabilizing the CIA

In Washington, it's hardly without precedent for a presidential appointee to swear one thing before a Senate confirmation committee and then, once ensconced in the sought-after p...

Nov 24, 2004 / Editorial / Jason Vest

Implausible Denial II Implausible Denial II

Seymour Hersh has been much more right than not in his reporting on the current Administration.

May 17, 2004 / Editorial / Jason Vest

Implausible Denial Implausible Denial

Additional support for this article was provided by the Fund for Constitutional Government.

May 14, 2004 / Editorial / Jason Vest

A New Hard-Liner at the DEA A New Hard-Liner at the DEA

Bush's new appointee Karen Tandy has a professional history deserving serious Congressional scrutiny.

Jul 15, 2003 / Feature / Jason Vest

The ‘Intelligence’ Game The ‘Intelligence’ Game

As quixotic searches for "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq continue to yield little more than chagrin, the Washington establishment is growing restive.

Jun 12, 2003 / Editorial / Jason Vest

Postcard From Bloomington Postcard From Bloomington

This comfortable college town is defined as much by its eclecticism as its traditional Midwestern quintessence.

Mar 4, 2003 / Feature / Jason Vest

The Army’s Empire Skeptics The Army’s Empire Skeptics

Officers are raising serious questions about manpower, morale and technology.

Feb 13, 2003 / Feature / Jason Vest

Pentagon Hawks Take Wing Pentagon Hawks Take Wing

A new Defense Department spy office could politicize intelligence gathering.

Nov 26, 2002 / Feature / Jason Vest

Exit Jesse, Enter Saxby Exit Jesse, Enter Saxby

For some of progressive cast, there was at least one thin silver lining to Tuesday's crushing Democratic defeat: For the first time in decades, Jesse Helms wasn't running, and co...

Nov 10, 2002 / Feature / Jason Vest