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June 9, 2008 Issue

Jon Wiener on J. Edgar Hoover, Alexander Cockburn on the next presidennt, Carl Bromley on Aurelio Zen…

Cover art by: Cover illustration by Doug Chayka

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Sam Adams shakes up Portland; the House votes for peace; we offer kudos to Kors and send get-well wishes to Ted Kennedy.

The Appeasement Card

Despite the Bush/McCain snake oil on Mideast policy, Obama can make the case that talking to your enemies isn't the same as appeasing Hitler.




Mixed Blessing

Obama calls for direct dialogue and new trade deals with Latin America, but continued counterinsurgency in Columbia, tensions with Venezuela.

Books & the Arts

Tight Corners

When Richard Price moves from the urban ruins of New Jersey to the gentrified Lower East Side of Lush Life, things get complicated.

Searching for Traces

There was little enthusiasm for revisiting the camps in Communist Hungary. Author Imre Kertész refracts that reluctance in fictional form.

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