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June 30, 2003 Issue

Jonathan Schell details WMD deceptions, Daphne Eviatar calls out Unocal’s role in Burma and Francis Davis reviews Bob Hope.

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Chipping Away at Roe

Congress has once again passed a bill banning "partial-birth abortion." It's not the first time. President Clinton vetoed similar bans in 1996 and 1997.

A Rebuke to Ashcroft

"We have to hold these people until we find out what is going on." According to a report issued June 2 by the Justice Department's own Inspector General, that's what Michael...

Bumps in the Road Map

The Bush Administration's carefully stage-managed June 4 Aqaba summit could not hide the serious structural impediments to a resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The ‘Intelligence’ Game

As quixotic searches for "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq continue to yield little more than chagrin, the Washington establishment is growing restive.

Taking Back America

As America's jobless rate hit a nine-year high and after-the-fact analyses of the Republican tax plan revealed that the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress had de...


Blond Ambition

Hillary Clinton's autobiography comes out barely a week after Martha Stewart is indicted for obstruction of justice and fraud related to alleged insider trading, and you ...



Books & the Arts

The Critical Imagination

James Wood, the ferociously intelligent critic whose reviews appear regularly in The New Republic and the London Review of Books, has single-handedly done a gr...

The Last Mogul

Lew Wasserman, who died last summer at 89, was not only the most powerful and influential man in Hollywood over the past half-century but also the most enigmatic.

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