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June 30, 2003 Issue

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  • Editorial

    Letter From Ground Zero

    It is notoriously difficult to prove a negative. At what point can you be sure that something does not in fact exist?

    Jonathan Schell

  • Chipping Away at Roe

    Congress has once again passed a bill banning "partial-birth abortion." It's not the first time. President Clinton vetoed similar bans in 1996 and 1997.

    Wendy Chavkin

  • A Rebuke to Ashcroft

    "We have to hold these people until we find out what is going on." According to a report issued June 2 by the Justice Department's own Inspector General, that's what Michael Chertoff, head of t

    David Cole

  • Bumps in the Road Map

    The Bush Administration's carefully stage-managed June 4 Aqaba summit could not hide the serious structural impediments to a resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    Roane Carey

  • The ‘Intelligence’ Game

    As quixotic searches for "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq continue to yield little more than chagrin, the Washington establishment is growing restive.

    Jason Vest

  • Taking Back America

    As America's jobless rate hit a nine-year high and after-the-fact analyses of the Republican tax plan revealed that the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress had denied child tax credi

    The Editors

  • Books & the Arts

    Bob Hope, Prisoner of War

    War correspondents frequently suffer from what might be diagnosed as Ernie Pyle Syndrome.

    Francis Davis

  • Passport: A Manifesto

    This is your passport I hold in my hand:
    a hemisphere, half red ink, half blue--
    as yet untorched by terror, but polluted

    Carol Muske-Dukes

  • The Critical Imagination

    James Wood, the ferociously intelligent critic whose reviews appear regularly in The New Republic and the London Review of Books, has single-handedly done a great deal to improve

    Brian Morton

  • The Last Mogul

    Lew Wasserman, who died last summer at 89, was not only the most powerful and influential man in Hollywood over the past half-century but also the most enigmatic.

    Thomas Schatz
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