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August 5, 2002 Issue

William Greider on America’s top corporate crime fighter, Eric Alterman on Cokie Roberts’s retirement and Kate Doyle on Mexico&#…

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Sex, Morality and AIDS

At the fourteenth international AIDS conference, the gulf between the United States and the rest of the world widened as US officials touted policies that world healt...

Doublespeak on Guns

In a brief filed in connection with an appeal to the Supreme Court in a gun possession case, the Bush Justice Department, breaking with sixty years of jurisprudence, asserts th...

The Wages of Greed

Events in Washington are potentially momentous, but hold the applause. In late May, the Dow was at 10,300, but by mid-July it had dropped almost 2,000 points. The Nasdaq and S&...

Robert I. Friedman

Robert I. Friedman, whose uncompromising investigative stories appeared in The Nation from the early 1980s onward, died July 2 in Manhattan at the age of 51. In an era o...


The Hog Wallow

When did the great executive stock option hog wallow really start? You can go back to the deregulatory push under Carter in the late 1970s, then move into the Reagan '80s, w...

Farewell, My Cokie

Speaking on NPR recently, Cokie Roberts, the soon-to-retire co-host of ABC's This Week, falsely informed her listeners that "the President was exonerated by the Secur...

The Boom or Bush Cycle

The public's love affair with the Bush Administration is souring. Polls show that voters are deeply worried about its handling of the economy, although they still claim to lik...



Greens at the Crossroads

The US Green Party held its first-ever midterm convention since becoming a full-fledged national party in Philadelphia a week ago, and the gathering of seventy-nine delegates f...

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore, conceived in the 1920s as a tourist attraction, was quickly recast by the sculptor as an icon of democracy, freedom and hope.

Dying for Work

Close to 3,000 progressive activists from all walks of life joined Jim Hightower for his third "Rolling Thunder/Down-Home Democracy Tour" in Tucson on July 26.

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For readers of this magazine and millions of other Americans, the initial horror of September 11 was compounded by the sobering realization that George W. Bush would be at the ...

The Forgettable & Forgotten

Dispatches from adolescent territory reach me occasionally through my niece Michelle, who has moved into her teen years like the Wehrmacht hitting Belgium. Her most rece...

Librarians Under Siege

It used to be a matter of flashing a badge and appealing to patriotism, but these days federal agents are finding it a little harder to get librarians to spy. Under an obscure ...

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