Puzzle No. 3487

Puzzle No. 3487


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 1 A bit of zesty sex with, um, a deer maybe? That’s almost certain to
end badly for someone (4-3,4)

 7 and 29 Invert the second number and letter—that is one way to
look smart (3,3)

 9 High-born snob lectures participant (5)

10 Vessel protecting North Carolina, formerly, with lack of interest

11 Snarled: “Another Kennedy coming after $1,000” (7)

12 Fill with happiness and marvel at exquisite cargo (5)

14 Tailor names one measurement (6)

15 Tense about pros messing up travel document (8)

18 Satellite conveying a coach’s cookie (8)

20 Someone harmed Victor and Timothy (6)

23 Excellent purse is ruined (5)

25 Small cut of meat infused with, for instance, liqueur (4,3)

27 Julia, a gangster in the early days (9)

28 Decapitate Venetian villain, leading to New York’s suffering (5)

29 See 7

30 Entire chain is broken? That’s what you get (11)


 1 “Heavy Metal”: possible name for Zorro’s company? (4)

 2 Criticizes Confederate instruments (7)

 3 Large reptile, turning up like this, becomes gold and red (9)

 4 In France, one breaks most wild horses (6)

 5 Pastoral rainbow over a goddess, for the most part (8)

 6 Pennsylvania city is home to no puppet (5)

 7 Social gathering to raise Norwegian male cattle (7)

 8 Triumph over exotic termite when it is cold (10)

13 Get lost, assuming I am heading from Toronto to Rochester with a
pet (7,3)

16 Don’t start requesting something to keep you afloat for a surgical
procedure (4,5)

17 Liquid sort of contains oxygen and hydrogen? Indeed (8)

19 Whim: Practice recklessly after time runs out (7)

21 Barb, claiming connection, is a second-rater (7)

22 Hits comparatively ancient receptacle (6)

24 Awesome sequel for Bones? (5)

26 Wealthy people embracing publicity (4)



ACROSS 1 C + HANGED 5 E.G. + GNOG (rev.) 8 N(ARC)O (car anag.)
9 anag. 11 letter bank 12 LEN(T)O
13 INTERS + TATE 16 alternate letters 18 hidden (&lit.)
19 G(LITTER)AT + I (I + tag rev.)
23 EX + POS[t]24 S(PUN)KIES + T
26 FLOUR-ISH27 BI[ll] + SON

DOWN 1 anag. 2 [p]AIRED 3 GE[n]OME + TRY 4 DA + TASE + T 5 EMINE[m] + NT 6 GANG + L + Y 7 O + O + LONG + TEA (anag.) 10 anag. 14 TES(TP)ILOT (toilets anag.) 15 hidden 17 PEEK (rev.) + A BOO[k] 20 2 defs. 21 T(OUCH)UP (put rev.) 22 P(SEUD)O (dues rev.) 25 hidden

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