Puzzle No. 3328

Puzzle No. 3328

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Makes a gift to stop cries of pain (6)

 4 Add scene all about rose (8)

10 One who might cover rebuilt ruins and part of hospital (7)

11 A character in As You Like It, or a character in Star Wars (7)

12 ’50s novel is found in front, hero admits (2,3,4)

13 Neat, irrational number—19, for instance (5)

14 Devils decapitated chickens (4)

15 Makeshift girder guy tossed after Jack (4-6)

19 Confused, the Spanish can travel a great distance, mostly westward (4,2,1,3)

23 Coming back, encountered one romantically involved couple (4)

26 Lame talent show (rock style) (5)

27 Gold techniques in a recession? Largely, someone telling stories in The Nation (9)

28 Teaches two members of choir to get into discordant solos (7)

29 Recall note sustained by unsuitable orchestral instrument (7)

30 Huge depletion in fossil fuel (8)

31 Backhanded encouragement for Turner using two hands, perhaps (6)


 1 Opinion piece: “Ideal Trio Composition” (9)

 2 Sat up, seizing case of Kremlinologist’s computer (7)

 3 Conflict over family room for someone in charge of the cooler (6)

 5 Reason for students to stay home, for example, while keeping down fluid (4,3)

 6 Looking up quote containing excerpt from movie concerning an astronomical event (8)

 7 Contradicting former Chinese leader, interrupted by the female spirit in China (7)

 8 American killer bee (5)

 9 An element of décor: Moluccan gilded bronze (6)

16 Whistleblower, like those seen alternating along the tops of some Down entries and the bottoms of others (3)

17 Shameful process of making people nicer? (9)

18 Reversible, thin coat for big cat: that’s a lot of money (8)

20 Shoulder bag with locks switched, front and back (7)

21 LA area’s horribly shrinking lake (4,3)

22 Locally, it’s one alternative (2-4)

24Close to Scott Fitzgerald (Mr. Bean’s indiscreet book) (4-3)

25 President’s cure: taking a drink (6)

26 Notes and letters I collated at first (5)


ACROSS 1 A(BRA)HAM 5 anag. 9 rev. hidden 10 [d/S]-AN MARINO 11 letter bank 13 LEG + U + ME 14 NORM + ANDY 17 star anag. 19 S + TRAIT 22 CLAUS + TROP(HOB[o])IC 25 [oc/CO]-TILLION 26 GU(TS)Y 27 “Carrie, Okie” 28 MA(TURE)D (true anag.)

DOWN 1 rev. 2 R + OADHOG (anag.) 3 2 defs. 4 MIS[t]ER + Y 5 LANCE + LOT 6 W + HALE 7 UN + I + CORN 8 TROTS + K(Y)ITE 12 ALAR (MC) LOCK 15 METH + OUGHT 16 “pear, whys” 18 3 defs. 20 AV + IATOR (anag.) 21 E(PONY)M 23 hidden 24 “died”

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