Fifteen Ways to Help Occupy Wall Street

Fifteen Ways to Help Occupy Wall Street

Fifteen Ways to Help Occupy Wall Street

A primer with tips on how to support the burgeoning Occupy movement nationwide.


More than six weeks into the occupation of Zuccotti Park by a ragtag band of a few hundred anti-corporate activists, Occupy Wall Street has quickly grown into an international movement and potent symbol of popular outrage over the widening gaps between rich and poor and the way that government has been hijacked to transfer wealth upwards to the one percent.

The movement’s message has also gone surprisingly mainstream, as my colleague Katha Pollitt detailed in her latest Nation column explaining the OWS’s appeal and why unlikely suspects like Deepak Chopra and Suze Orman have jumped on the Occupy Wall Street wagon.

After the first week of protests, I wrote a brief guide featuring some tips on how to help the then-burgeoning movement. Now, I’ve updated that primer with new suggestions and specific tips for supporting some of the many regional Occupy actions that have recently been established.


How to Support Occupy Wall Street

1. Go to Liberty Plaza to join those that Occupy Wall Street if you can. This is the epicenter of the movement and the inspiration for what’s happening across the country. Carpools are being arranged va this Facebook group.

2. Send non-perishable food, books, magazines, coffee, tea bags, aspirin, blankets and socks to the UPS Store, c/o Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton St, #205, NY, NY 10038.

3. Have pizza delivered to the protestors at Liberty Plaza. Call Majestic Pizza Corp at 212-349-4046 and have your credit card ready.

4. Tell the nation’s mayors to respect the people’s right to free assembly. The eviction of the Liberty Square occupation was averted by massive public protest from those in the square and beyond. When you learn that an occupation is threatened, please use this list, courtesy of activist Cryn Johannsen, to find the relevant mayor’s phone number and ask him or her to let the protestors protest.

5. Circulate word of Occupy College’s national series of Teach-ins on November 2nd and 3rd. More than 100 schools have signed on to date.

6. Donate to Occupy Wall Street through its website.

7. Get informed and let your friends and family know what’s happening on Wall Street, what the movement is about, and why you care.

8. Read and circulate Nathan Schneider’s Occupy Wall Street FAQ.

9. Support Occupy Boston. If you’re in the New England area, OB offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities, including performing, first-aid, cooking, entertaining and child-care. 

10. Defend Occupy Oakland. Currently facing significant police harassment, OO’s encampment outside City Hall was raided by police just before 5:00am this morning, who lobbed flash grenades and reportedly fired tear gas. Initial reports say the police tore apart the protest camp and arrested at least 70 people. Call Oakland Mayor Jean Quan immediately at 510-238-3141 and implore her to stop arresting people.

11. Defend Occupy Denver, which was also forcibly rousted from its encampment with hundreds of protestors arrested. Sign your name to this petition to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper politely demanding that he reopen Lincoln Park for the demonstration, and stop arresting non-violent protesters.

12. Print, post and forward these fliers.

13. Attend or organize a regional event.

14. Like and share this Facebook page.

15. Follow and RT @occupywallstnyc and @occupycolleges.

Please use the comments field below to let me know what I’ve missed, especially on the regional level.

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