Bosco, a black labrador retriever owned by Tim Stillman of Sunol, a small community near San Francisco, has been Mayor there for over eight years–after getting more votes than two humans!
      –Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Moms, Dads, Kids of All Ages! If you are bored with life down on the farm, step right this way. If you are hankering for a taste of the out-of-the-ordinary with a dollop of the just-plain-weird–well, have we got the head-spinning, and spine-tingling, and stomach-churning show of a lifetime for you!

Amazing feats of courage! Watch as… Democrats vote to confirm archconservative Theodore Olson as Solicitor General. Contemplating their imminent majority status, they “decided they did not want to defeat the nomination as the first exercise of their new power.”

Balancing acts with no safety net! Did you know… that the Solicitor General’s function includes presenting all Justice Department cases, including civil rights cases, to the Supreme Court on behalf of the American people? (Since the Supreme Court ruled recently that there is no individual right but only a government interest in pursuing disparate impact discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, it will be Attorney General John Ashcroft’s job to decide whether to prosecute such discrimination at all!)

Divine revelation! Have you heard… that Attorney General Ashcroft has publicly assured the National Rifle Association that his Justice Department will interpret the Second Amendment of the Constitution as guaranteeing a right to individuals–not just a collective right–to possess firearms? Believe it or not, this view has absolutely no grounding in federal or Supreme Court jurisprudence of the past 119 years! Incredibly, this would put owning a gun on the same unregulated constitutional basis as freedom of speech or religion!

Watch as Holy Men make the wall between church and state disappear before your very eyes! Your heart will race when you witness… a United States Senate hearing exploring the merits of George W. Bush’s plan to provide federal funding to religious groups providing social services! Assemblies of God minister John Castellani, while testifying about his drug treatment program, Teen Challenge International, has already disclosed that some Jewish clients who had gone through the program had joined his church, thus becoming what he called “completed Jews.” Coming soon to political theaters near you: Experienced, inside-the-Beltway guides will take you to the exotic habitats of the “finished Negro,” the “terminated homosexual” and the “well-done wife.”

Fasten those seatbelts!… Now that the Supreme Court has said it’s OK to formally arrest citizens for minor offenses including traffic violations, let’s see what happens as Justice Souter’s “common sense” standard guides police officers in making such arrests!

Just plain common sense!… In West Orange, New Jersey, a group of ten black high school boys and girls were stopped, handcuffed and pat-searched as they were shopping for prom dresses and tuxedos. Civil rights groups protested. Authorities promised to investigate but continue to maintain that suspect profiling is not in and of itself intentional discrimination, though it may indeed have a disparate impact on minorities.

Wow!… In Washington, DC, nine middle-school students were taken on a “preventative” field trip to jail where they were strip-searched and shown how prisoners are shackled and handcuffed to “show them what would happen if they were arrested.”

Gasp!… In Afghanistan, the Taliban’s Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice began requiring Hindus to wear yellow patches on their clothing supposedly as a way of “protecting” them from harassment by Islamic religious police.

Truth is stranger than fiction!… New York City’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani tried to appoint his divorce lawyer to a Decency Commission whose function will be to purge New York’s publicly funded museums of vulgar, obscene, feces-smeared displays!

Kids! Can you connect the dots to help Bosco find his way back to the beginning?

Point E. “Give me one example that proves evolution. One example! You can’t.” –Tom DeLay, Republican from Texas and majority whip, who advocates a more “God-centered” America devoted to “the Constitution and to Absolute Truth that has been manipulated and destroyed by a liberal worldview.”

Point D. The Louisiana legislature refused to pass a resolution that would have called for rejection of Darwin as racist, arguing that his theories “advocated the notion of superior and inferior races.” Opponents argued that it was an “indirect way to support creationism.”

Point C. The Louisiana legislature instead approved a resolution condemning racism and the idea of superior races with no mention of Darwin or evolution.

Point B. According to a leaked report from the German government, Qaddafi has declared he’s given up terrorism because he’s worried about the growth of fundamentalist extremism in the world.

Point A. Senator James Jeffords of Vermont leaves the Republican Party to become an independent.

Disclaimer: We at Bosco’s Big! Best! Believe It or Not! make no representation or guarantee as to the higher powers that have brought such a miraculous paradox to pass. As we maintained during last month’s magical manifestation of the Mona Lisa as she materialized upon sixty-five pieces of ordinary whole wheat toast, sometimes the “how” of the world remains a mystery wrapped in faith and coincidence, beyond the realm of science.