A few quick items today from online and our orbit at The Nation that youmight have missed:

The Nation‘s sports correspondent, Dave Zirin, sparked debate thisweek with his take on the Alex Rodriguez steroid revelations. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Zirin argued that Major League Baseball is getting off easy in the scandal, whichrevealed as much about society as it does about Rodriguez.You can watch the video here.

• After two hundred years it’s not easy to add something new to discussionsabout Abraham Lincoln. But ina greatconversation on Bill Moyers Journal last Friday, Nation editorial board member Eric Foner talked to Moyers about the legacy of Lincoln, and thehype surrounding his two-hundreth birthday. Foner explored Lincoln’s lessonsfor President Obama in a print piece from The Nation last month, “Our Lincoln.”

• Net Movement correspondent Ari Melber went on a difficult junket–outto Sun Valley, Idaho to debate the meaning of election 2008.Participating in a panel with journalists from Fox News, CNBC andthe Los Angeles Times, Melber took up the topic of whether Americanjournalism is moving toward a British system of opinion-heavy media.Read some of the local coverage here.

• Last month I co-moderated a panel at NYU about the role ofprogressives in the Obama era. The forum, Progressives and Obama,featured The Nation‘s Patricia Williams and William Greider; AirAmerica’s Mark Green; national security expert Lawrence Korb; andMoveOn.org’s Eli Pariser in a conversation about when to work with theadministration and when to challenge it. We’re offering a podcast of the full event. You can listen here.

• Finally, our live stream of GRIT TV with Laura Flanders onThursday delves into the details of the proposed banking recovery act.Nomi Prins, who writes often in our pages, is part of a roundtable thataims to make sense of Treasury Secretary Geithner’s plan–and themedia’s reaction to it. That’s 2-4PM est Thursday.