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Jenin Refugee Camp (2002), by Luc Delahaye

Why does Errol Morris cling to a model of documentary photography eighty years out of date?

Overpass (2001), by Jeff Wall

Has success spoiled the photography and the art of Jeff Wall?

'You're So Pretty': On Laurel Nakadate

Most of what we think we see in the photos and films of Laurel Nakadate is our own projection.

Most journalists think that words are more important than images. Barbie Zelizer thinks they are wrong.

The 4,500 images in the recently discovered Mexican Suitcase deepen our understanding of photojournalism as well as the complexities of the Spanish Civil War.

Susie Linfield's The Cruel Radiance is a demanding and flawed attempt to regard the pain of others through photographs.

Miroslav Tichy's haphazard, eccentric photographs are disciplined, even rigorous--and indifferent to the claims of their female subjects.

The death, and afterlife, of the Polaroid.

For the photographer Thomas Demand, Germany is like any other country because it is haunted by history.

A new volume of essays shows Hollis Frampton leaving behind photography for film.


Vergara’s ambivalent feelings about gentrifying Harlem stem from a recognition of just how far the neighborhood had fallen in previous years.

March 22, 2014

Wayne Miller, a photographer who took controversial, long-suppressed photos in Hiroshima, dies at age 94.

May 28, 2013